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Marvel Legends House of M Hulk (2006)

House of M Hulk

This figure eluded me for WAY too long!  This is one that I never even saw hit the shelves – and then it seemed like overnight they just became hugely expensive!  I waited and waited thanking that I will see these eventually go down in value – and they have… sort of…

LOVE the Hulk Sculpt - the face is dead on!

You can find these on ebay for about $16.00 – but for some reason – some of these same figures sell for double – sometimes TRIPLE that amount!  But there is no denying the figure is worth it!

All the tattoos are amazingly detailed

Sure, it comes from a disappointing storyline – a forgettable storyline in the Hulk Mythos – but that doesn’t make the Hulk LOOK any less cooler!  I wish this Hulk went on a little bit longer – had more of a memorable storyline going with him!  A tribal Hulk?  How cool does that sound?  I mean, comeon!

How much - and how long - do you think this would be to get for real?