Daily Archives: April 12, 2012

PetSmart Hulk Dog Toys (2012)

Hulk Crickle Chew Toy

PetSmart has a whole slew of new dog toys of all the Marvel Heroes!  The item above is a chew toy that crinkles inside.  The face sort of reminds me of the Knickerbocker Hulk from the 70’s – just smaller.  I don’t have a dog just yet – but I did pick up one of every kind of toy – for the day when we do get a rescue!

Hulk Fist Pull Toy

Like this Hulk fist pull toy that kicks all sorts of ass!  I saw some Marvel characters stuffed heads – but they didn’t make the Hulk though.  They did, however, make some Hulk balls… for fetch.  Nothing would make the Hulk angrier than a dog clutching his balls between his jaws.

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