New Sideshow Hulk Statue… Coming Soon

Ruffalo meets his alter ego

There are a few shots of this naked Hulk statue circulating around the net right now.  Sideshow has not been my favorite producer of Hulk merchandise – they have produced two perfect pieces, IMO, the Premium Format and the Hulk vs Silver Savage Dio were great representations – but the misses keep piling up.  The Hulk Legendary Scale Bust is 70% teeth, the Life Size Bust looks like a cross between the Grinch and Arseface from the Preacher series, and then the disastrous Comiquette, as valiant as an effort as it was, is majorly flawed in the face, and pose.  Too many Sideshow fans are blinded by the size of the product – but size isn’t everything.  And it certainly isn’t enough for most of SS’s products.

Truth be told – the sculpt looks good on this – but I would have to see the whole thing to make a final judgement.  The tan pants could kill it.  Same with the pose – it doesn’t look all that dynamic.  But who knows?  We’ll have to see a final product.


14 responses to “New Sideshow Hulk Statue… Coming Soon

  1. Damn you ratch! Leave the Hulk Comiquette alone! It is perfect. PERFECT!!! ;);):):)

    All kidding aside. I really do dig the Hulk Comi. Yes I can understand the issues with the hair, however I have no issue at all with it. I know you think it looks like he is slipping on a banana peal. I just don’t see that at all but I understand when you see something like that in your mind it is hard to get it out. Looks like a Hulk landing to me and I have even tried to look at it from your point of view but I just don’t see it.

    The other big complaint seemed to be about the small head. I just don’t get that argument when so many Hulk artist draw him with an oversized body and a small head. In fact my Fav Hulk artist Mike Deodato Jr. Always draws hulk with a penut head. Many of my fav Hulk statues have the smaller head to large body (Art Asylum, Hard Hero, Diamond Select, Dynamic Forces) However I do think the statue looks off when viewing it from the left profile. His head looks like a little ball that was rolled and stuck on there. Otherwise he is perfect from all views.

    I love the face on this hulk and really feel it is the best sculpted Hulk face out there. Not so much because it is true to a Comic version but because it looks like what a real Hulk might look like. But I really think it gets the most flack for the hair cut which may take away from what a great sculpt the face really it.

    Of course I respect all opinions on this. Every Hulk is not for everyone. I just see him get knocked on this site and I have to come to his rescue. 🙂

    • It’s fine to come to the rescue of a statue you adore – no matter how short sighted it is – but all of the complaints about the comiquette are certainly deserved. Glad you like it so much though…

  2. Hey Mr Ratchet,
    Where is that ZappComics video I keep hearing so much about?????

  3. Short sighted??!!! Short Sighted??!!!! Why You……….(Shakes fist)

  4. Am I missing a picture?

  5. I get your disappointment with the SS stuff Ratch, but is the upcoming Skaar PF not spectacular?!?

    • You know – the sculpt is pretty top notch – but the character does not deserve a statue at this point. He may not even be around in a few years – I mean, let’s face it – the character could not sustain his own title.

      Getting a statue of him sort of makes me think of people who were in love with Marvel’s 2099 Universe – those people would have jumped at getting a 3D rendition – and today they would have worthless hunks of plastic of characters that no one knows about anymore…

  6. Statue looks good so far but I am worried about how much this is going to cost based on past Sideshow statues.

    • That’s the other thing – I know everyone’s prices keep going up – but SS prices seem to keep getting more and more out of hand… and sadly, there are plenty of people willing to pay them

  7. I am currently obsessed with the avengers movie…and a movie based statue sounds good to me. I would like a big one of the hole team though…fighting loki and the aliens. Have you see the hot toys avengers coming out?

  8. Does anyone else thinks he looks a little chubby there? Love handles?

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