Daily Archives: April 17, 2012

How and WHY is it Possible?

Looking at the monthly sales it seems TIH is continuing to lose readers – it’s down to about 40,000 – and the better book, The Red Hulk, is staying at a measly 21,000.  What is it with comic readers not buying the well written series?  When the Red Hulk was a sales juggernaut it was one of the worst written series that had come out in a long time – now that the book actually makes sense and is a decent read – more than 70% of the readers disappeared.  What does that say about comic readers?

I’ve heard people complain that they want genuine, better stories and stop with the big events – yet, looking at the monthly sales, that’s all that people keep buying.  It’s somewhat disappointing.  Not to mention – why is TIH still at $3.99?  The FF book – that only had 200 less readers in February – was $2.99!  The following month – the FF was back at $3.99!  Is Marvel just going month by month here?

I told you I saw in NJ this past weekend – and I saw plenty of Hulk #50 – and I mean PLENTY – still sitting on the shelves of the comic shop I was in.  When I asked about it – they said that Hulk does not sell anymore.  It’s too bad.


I was in Jersey this past weekend – and I don’t mean it like “Ewww… I had to go to Jersey” I mean it like “Yay!  I was in Jersey!” and Corry (from Zapp Comics in Wayne, NJ) had the honor of taping a quick Hulk video – click on the image to see it!