I was in Jersey this past weekend – and I don’t mean it like “Ewww… I had to go to Jersey” I mean it like “Yay!  I was in Jersey!” and Corry (from Zapp Comics in Wayne, NJ) had the honor of taping a quick Hulk video – click on the image to see it!


One response to “Video – ON LOCATION!

  1. COOL Shop! I have to pick up Avengers vs. X-Men. There is a cool shop in LA called Meltdown Comics, similar to Zapp, on Sunset in Hollywood……Looks like Red and Colossus are going to go at it. I read a blogger say that Colossus had the Thing level strength and Juggernaut had Hulks and together Colossus should make Red Hulk, red paste….. LOL….. PLEASE OH PLEASE!….. And saw that Red calls himself the strongest one there is?!….. C’mon, at least give this bs character some original dialogue…. This character has to GO! COLOSSUS SMASH!

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