A Video – To Tide You Guys Over…

I will be posting my review of Hulk #7 soon – but in the meantime… enjoy the latest installment.

2 responses to “A Video – To Tide You Guys Over…

  1. Another great vid! I also agree with your Defenders comment, but maybe the stories lack cuz of the absence of Hulk? I also don’t like the way they show the Hulk being easily defeated on Avengers:EMH. I feel that if he goes down then have a good reason. Funny, but that’s my beef with Inc Hulk#7 where Doom easily takes down Hulk with electricity…total B/S! The Hulk has taken on Zzzax and Thor electricity which is more powerful so how is Doom gonna bring Hulk down. Not to mention that the Thing on his own faired better.

  2. Hey Ratchet thanks to responding to my question ( the bullcrap thing was funny) i do agree with you, the Hulk is a self claimed strongest one there is and i KNOW there are people who can defeat him and it would get boring is he was unbeatable but i prefer if he was beaten by characters who can actually beat him. I may get defensive about it but his strength isn’t why he’s my fave but i won’t bore you with those details. Guys like kang and doom though are formidable opponents could possibly defeat hulk by draining his gamma rays or outsmarting him but not by knocking him out! Though doom didn’t knock him out but the fact that hulk punched and kicked him and doom just looked at him?!?!? I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels this way. I can handle hulk losing a fight but do it within reason. I thought this very same thing back in hulk #4 when red hulk beat hulk by breaking his arm. After planet hulk and wwh he loses to a broken arm!? …………….ok i feel better now.

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