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Boston Comic Con – 2012!

A trojan horse out side of the con? You know it will be a good day when this is the first thing you see!

Let me say something quickly before I begin, sometimes I really have to remind myself that this blog is a hobby – one that I love – but a hobby none the less.  So, you’ll forgive me if I don’t want to come onto my site and have an argument that goes in circles.  I blogged about how the Red Hulk comic doesn’t sell like it should and it turned into a back and forth with someone who couldn’t get over a simple fact.  But here’s the thing – and here’s a note to everyone out there –  this is supposed to be fun – those arguments aren’t fun, they are just plain annoying.  So if you want to come to argue, don’t.  For two reasons – #1) I can and will delete or edit your posts – without giving it a second thought. #2) I don’t care enough to let your opinions be heard.  Sorry if that sounds harsh – but I didn’t create this site and put all the time and effort into making it a fun and informative resource just for people to come here and spout off.  If you are really that intent on making a point – start your own blog and go at it.  It’s easy enough to do – I’ll even help you.

Now that’s not to say you can’t say something if you don’t agree with me – if you want to state something and it conflicts with my views – go for it.  Just be respectful.  Consider it like coming into someone’s house.  Just have enough class not to come in and insult the host.  I know people have had a problem with Logan’s posts sometimes – but if you go back and look at his comments you’d see he doesn’t get personal – he has a definite opinion on things – but he makes his point and doesn’t call people fan boys or any other names.  Great – you can keep on posting.  But if you come on here and call me a fan boy and treat me as such you can sure you won’t last long posting.  It’s no skin off my nose if you don’t come back.  Believe it or not – I don’t do this site for the traffic.  I could care less if people come here to check out the collection – but they do and I like talking to most of them.  But I am not so dependant on comments that I will just anyone come on here to say whatever they want.

Huge line? Yup - huge line.

Sorry about the long rant – this is supposed to be about the Boston Comic Con.  Yes, I went – yes, I had a blast – and yes I have a ton more art to show off.  I am thinking I need to start off with saying I was looking/hoping for a McGuinness sketch – a Trimpe sketch and to re-create a couple of covers with some affordable artists.  Did I get everything I was hoping for?

I can’t tell you yet – as that may ruin the surprise.  I will say this… I had a hard time locating McG’s table – and when I did he wasn’t even there.  The guy there said that he wasn’t sure when McG was going to be there – and he wasn’t sure if he’d be sketching.  It’s all up to how he feels that day.  He did give me a ticket and said they would be lining up and calling out the numbers so that people didn’t have to just wait there.  I love that method – anyone who tries to make your con experience better by not having you have to wait in line is TOPS in my book.  McG was off to a great start!  So I made my way over to Katie Cook’s table where I saw this:

Katie Cook's Green Hulk

I love her style – these are very small, quick little pieces – but I told her I would need a grey Hulk to go along with it – so she happily obliged with this:

And my specially made Grey Hulk - thank you Katie!

I was off to what I considered a great start!  I needed to find Trimpe’s table though – as last time he was at the BCC he had a considerable line!  Come on back tomorrow (if you want) as the story gets better (with no rant in the beginning) with a whole lot more art to show!