Boston Comic Con – 2012!

A trojan horse out side of the con? You know it will be a good day when this is the first thing you see!

Let me say something quickly before I begin, sometimes I really have to remind myself that this blog is a hobby – one that I love – but a hobby none the less.  So, you’ll forgive me if I don’t want to come onto my site and have an argument that goes in circles.  I blogged about how the Red Hulk comic doesn’t sell like it should and it turned into a back and forth with someone who couldn’t get over a simple fact.  But here’s the thing – and here’s a note to everyone out there –  this is supposed to be fun – those arguments aren’t fun, they are just plain annoying.  So if you want to come to argue, don’t.  For two reasons – #1) I can and will delete or edit your posts – without giving it a second thought. #2) I don’t care enough to let your opinions be heard.  Sorry if that sounds harsh – but I didn’t create this site and put all the time and effort into making it a fun and informative resource just for people to come here and spout off.  If you are really that intent on making a point – start your own blog and go at it.  It’s easy enough to do – I’ll even help you.

Now that’s not to say you can’t say something if you don’t agree with me – if you want to state something and it conflicts with my views – go for it.  Just be respectful.  Consider it like coming into someone’s house.  Just have enough class not to come in and insult the host.  I know people have had a problem with Logan’s posts sometimes – but if you go back and look at his comments you’d see he doesn’t get personal – he has a definite opinion on things – but he makes his point and doesn’t call people fan boys or any other names.  Great – you can keep on posting.  But if you come on here and call me a fan boy and treat me as such you can sure you won’t last long posting.  It’s no skin off my nose if you don’t come back.  Believe it or not – I don’t do this site for the traffic.  I could care less if people come here to check out the collection – but they do and I like talking to most of them.  But I am not so dependant on comments that I will just anyone come on here to say whatever they want.

Huge line? Yup - huge line.

Sorry about the long rant – this is supposed to be about the Boston Comic Con.  Yes, I went – yes, I had a blast – and yes I have a ton more art to show off.  I am thinking I need to start off with saying I was looking/hoping for a McGuinness sketch – a Trimpe sketch and to re-create a couple of covers with some affordable artists.  Did I get everything I was hoping for?

I can’t tell you yet – as that may ruin the surprise.  I will say this… I had a hard time locating McG’s table – and when I did he wasn’t even there.  The guy there said that he wasn’t sure when McG was going to be there – and he wasn’t sure if he’d be sketching.  It’s all up to how he feels that day.  He did give me a ticket and said they would be lining up and calling out the numbers so that people didn’t have to just wait there.  I love that method – anyone who tries to make your con experience better by not having you have to wait in line is TOPS in my book.  McG was off to a great start!  So I made my way over to Katie Cook’s table where I saw this:

Katie Cook's Green Hulk

I love her style – these are very small, quick little pieces – but I told her I would need a grey Hulk to go along with it – so she happily obliged with this:

And my specially made Grey Hulk - thank you Katie!

I was off to what I considered a great start!  I needed to find Trimpe’s table though – as last time he was at the BCC he had a considerable line!  Come on back tomorrow (if you want) as the story gets better (with no rant in the beginning) with a whole lot more art to show!

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13 thoughts on “Boston Comic Con – 2012!

  1. Hey Ratchet, just wanted to type in saying you have my complete respect. You are right,this is a hobby and it should be fun and if in anyway I helped made that last argument worst I’m very, very sorry. I have been a Hulk fan since a little after I learned to crawl and it makes me glad that there is a site for other Hulk fans like myself to get together and talk about our favorite character. We may not all agree on everything but the one thing we can all agree on is the Hulk is the greatest character of all time! Thank you thank you very much!!!

  2. Ratchet, good call! Your site is great and don’t let those chumps get you down. You made the site and it’s awesome! Keep up the great work!

  3. Hey Ratchet,
    Really like your blog, I always come on here to find something cool related to my fave character! I was looking at getting a good older comic, but I’m tossed up between Hulk #1, Avengers #1, or Fantastic Four #12. Hulk #1 is a LOT more expensive, but is the origin of the character. Both FF #12 and Avengers #1 are key issues, good stories, and somewhat cheaper. Which should I get?

    1. That’s a hard question as The Incredible Hulk #1 is considered THE rarest of the original key issues… if I had to choose it would be that one. Of course you can’t go wrong with the other two comics – Avengers #1 may actually spike in value with the movie – so getting it soon may in your best interest. It’s really up to you – let me know what you choose!

  4. Woe… I also agree with you statements and would feel the same way you do if this was my site. I just hope I did’nt bother you with my playful Defenders debate in the past (just in case). This is your world and I ‘m just the squirrel trying to get a nut 😉

    1. 465 – you and I had a playful debate – plus, you are such a cool guy and have been with this site for so long you… and maybe fiddy… get a pass to insult me anytime you’s like.

      But speaking of the Defenders – I have to post something I think you’ll get a chuckle out of!

  5. Hey Ratch, if you don’t mind sharing I was wondering how the whole Artist Alley thing worked, and how much these guys charge. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, np.

    1. No worries at all Grey – usually you approach an artist – and most have signs that indicate if they are doing sketches and how much they are. Usually you have to get in line early, especially for the more popular artists, so that you can get on their list for a commission.

      The real trick is finding the up and coming artist that are doing pieces for affordable rates.

      It’s never a problem to answer a question Grey – especially for my gammabros.

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