Boston Comic Con 2012! Part 2

The Bryn Green Hulk!

I know some of you guys remember the amazing Hulk commission that Tim Sale did for me – it’s still one of my favorites – and he was at the BCC once again.  I would have loved to get something from him – but Sale’s prices jumped considerably this year.  I can’t say I blame Sale for raising them – if you look on ebay you’d see that his art usually sells for well over what he’s charging.  No, it’s more the flippers I blame.  People who go to cons looking to get cheap art specifically to turn around and put on ebay for a profit.  Most of these guys are unscrupulous too – using excuses and reasons like “I’m getting it for my kid” that takes time and pieces away from actual fans and collectors.  I also sort of blame the people who pay outrageous amounts for art like this.

Either way – I can’t blame Sale for raising his prices – especially since he’s such a nice guy.  He’s a real decent fellow who seems to enjoy talking to the fans.  He also puts more effort and time into his now more expensive fast passes.  Of course, he priced himself out of what I am willing to pay for pieces so… I moved on.

Bryn's Grey Hulk!

The pieces you see were done by Bryn Cimino who is the daughter of another Hulk fanatic and friend John Cimino of Hero Envy She was doing them for just $1 and I think they are fantastic!

I actually talked to Bob Layton – a famous Iron Man artist – and I thought I could get something real fun from him.  But after only talking to him for five minutes and hearing his negative views about the latest Marvel movies I decided to move on.  Maybe he was just having an off day – but he seemed worked up over such trivial things… so I continued to walk over and finally found Trimpe’s table.  Some of the pieces he had displayed was pretty exciting stuff:

Wolvie's got Hulk on the brain!

A Hulk cover at Trimpe’s table:

Classic cover by a classic artist!

I was looking for something a little more specific though – I wanted a Fixit piece from him.  When I asked about it he said “Who?”  I laughed a little and told him it was the grey Hulk when he was a Las Vegas bouncer.  Trimpe came back with “Oh – oh yeah – I think I inked a few of those issues.”  I told him he did and he said it wouldn’t be a problem.  This is what Trimpe delivered:

Trimpe's Fixit

I was also able to get Trimpe to sign the CGC case to this great variant cover:

THIS is how to get a comic signed people!

And lastly, for the day, a shot of Trimpe working on my cover.  I like to think I can get an artist excited about doing a project – something that they haven’t done before.  I am sure that Trimpe gets so many requests for a Hulk and original Wolverine that he may just be happy getting a new request once in a while too.  I know Fixit isn’t a huge stretch – but at least it’s somewhat different.

The Seminal Hulk Artist

13 responses to “Boston Comic Con 2012! Part 2

  1. hulkandthor#1!

    Hey Ratchet just curious here, is Trimpe one of your absolute favorites? You do praise him quite a bit though I’m not complaining at the least bit. I admit he’s a legend in the Hulk’s status quo (did I spell that right?) . Personally I prefer Sal Buscema, ( I feel his run is underrated), as the most iconic. No disrespect to Trimpe but Sal’s run was even longer. Both are legends and we need a remastered omnibus of both of their runs. I am absolutely in no way trying to knock Trimpe, I just like Sal’s art better.

    • I think the two artists you mentioned, Buscema and Trimpe, can both be considered legends. I know plenty of Hulk fanatics who would say Buscema’s Hulk is their favorite – but for me it is Trimpe. I love his Hulk run a bit more than Buscema’s. Nothing wrong with liking one more than the other – it’s all about personal preference – and in fact, I think if I did a poll, more people would vote that Buscema’s run was their favorite.

      What can I say? I always seem to be in the minority…

      • That reminds me, I saw a kid’s t-shirt today with a Buscema Hulk on it. Needless to say, I was disappointed it wasn’t in my size!

  2. That is a bad-ass Fixit! Love the pissed-off look on his face

  3. hulkandthor#1!

    As far as artwork yeah I pick Buscema, as far as stories though I’d say I like them about the same. I really liked Steve Englehart’s brief run. I crack up everytime I read the part where Hulk brings flowers to apologize to betty then sees modok’s giant robot body then kicks him in the shin. The issue written by Chris Claremont with Hulk and Betty on in island full of monsters is one of my favorite books. I could keep going about stories drawn by both these legendary artists but then there wouldn’t be any room for anyone else to post!

  4. I dunno, I never got into Trimpe hulk art. It seemed static to me and the only time I thought it looked good was when either John or Marie Severin were inking. I like Buscema hulk more but to me Dale Keown, Gary Frank and Mike Deodato draw the definitive hulk

    • Yeah, I think Gary Frank’s Hulk is definitely up there. I liked his cleaner style, and the merged Hulk made for awesome stories.

  5. I agree, I like new artists better, I just feel Buscema is the most ICONIC. Dale Keown, Deodato,and Paul Pelletier are my top favorite.I agree with Gurdip on the inkers of Trimpe’s art but Jack Abel is probably my favorite. John 2nd and Marie 3rd.

    • Well, I can agree the new artists have a more impressive style that commands attention. No one can argue that Keown’s stuff isn’t amazing – or Pelletier for that matter. Gary Frank has some of the nicest visuals ever to look at – but I am a purist. Therefore no one will ever take the place of Trimpe for me – but I don’t begrugde anyone’s taste as far as art goes. You like what you like. Heck, I an the guy who puts Purves at the top of the list as one of his favorites 🙂

      • Wow, I like Purves art too, issue 350 was great with the fight between hulk and thing. I think Marie Severin inked some of his issues too and they were even better. Inkers and make or break the art…look at John Byrne with and without Terry Austin.

  6. Oh and Ed Mcguinness too, definitly Ed. Mostly because his Hulk reminds me so much of Sal’s……….well Sal’s Hulk on steroids anyway. Which is kinda ironic because I read an interview with Ed that he said he tries to base his art on Sal’s brother John Buscema

  7. hulkandthor#1!

    You like Purves? Wow. That’s great! I mean personally not one of my faves but EVERY artist deserves fans. I think I have an idea of the type of artwork you like, an idea anyway. We have different opinions but heck we’re hardcore Hulk fans and that’s what matters!………Did I mentioned I actually kind of liked Jeph Loeb’s run?

  8. hulkandthor#1!

    Sorry. I meant that as a sometimes I’m also in the minority. I’m not saying I would put him in my favorite writer category, just that his run to me wasn’t all that bad despite some questionable things in his run. To me there have been worst writers like bruce jones, al milgrom, bruce jones, jason aaron, bruce jones, bruce jones,……….bruce jones.

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