The Incredibe Hulk #7 (2012) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #7

The Good: It was only 20 pages.

The Bad: Pretty much everything else.  The art is pretty much embarrassing at this point.  I mean – check this out:

Thank goodness for the shadows...

Really?  Are they only giving Portacio 3 1/2 minutes to draw the entire issue?  And Aaron has proven to be a force in writing the Hulk – but in the opposite way as people are dropping this title like crazy.  The next storyline – which can’t possibly be as inept as this one was – will be “Stay Angry”.  The Hulk needs to stay angry – or something bad will happen… like Aaron will keep writing him for the next 5 years.  Here’s the thing – People will always like terrible comics – it’s an anomaly that can’t be explained – there are still people who proudly claim how much they liked Bruce Jones run even though Marvel actually hired PD to erase the damage done to the Hulk mythos by Jones.  That was Tempus Fugit for anyone not in the know…

This is actually one of the coolest variants ever!

I just hope to see a collaboration that works on the Hulk soon.  I’ve seen the art for the new storyline – and I am not very enthusiastic about it.  If Aaron can actually pull together a story that actually makes sense then I would be willing to give it a recommendation.  We’ll have to see.  Grade: F

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11 thoughts on “The Incredibe Hulk #7 (2012) – The Review

  1. I bought just the variant too – beautiful cover! It reminds me a little of one of the other great Hulk covers by Kaare Andrews on #49.

  2. Wow…..yeah this is embarrase my jaws dropped when I saw naked Hulk..EW! and he is BALD! and I notice on cover the letters “The Incredible Hulk” use same style as back in 1970’s Hulk comic books that is neat they use same old style letters I like it. I had plenty of 70’s Hulk comic books I love Sal Buscmal’s artist.

  3. The Variant is an homage to Winny the Pooh. With Hulk being “Pooh” stuck in the hole entrance of Rabbit’s home.

    Sad. Really that Marvel is letting Incredible Hulk slip and stumble to such a low. I will wait for the trade on this title. I won’t by the trade I’ll just borrow it from my library. Not ’till I get a respectable product will I by another single Inc. Hulk issue. Can Jeff Parker come over and make some magic happen? Give him the Hulk Universe!
    I can’t take the pencils andf inks in this title. It’s like the editor doesn”t give two bits about this book or my money.

    1. Yes – I don’t think anyone missed the Winnie the Pooh reference – but it is true – this book is sinking in sales faster than any reboot I can recall…

      1. I was warned but I still picked it up. It was a gift actually so atleast it wasn”t my money. I want this title to be good so I hold onto hope.

        Von Doom nailed it when she stated something like: I like the Red one better.

        Marvel gives a crap about Rulk and J. Parker can write the crap out of anything. People fresh from Avengers and new to Incredible Hulk won’t know any better and might by the book either way. Marvel has little incentive to improve a bad book that continues to sell.

  4. Hey Ratchet, I’m not too hot money wise right now and can’t collect new comics but can you tell me the outcome of the Hulk/Doom conflict? I’m curious and a little impatient to wait a couple months to find out, please?

  5. Never mind, saw it on youtube. Doom beat Hulk again!!!!!! AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I can’t believe that there are people, even a few fellow Hulk fans on, that actually think Jason Aaron’s run is good?!

    It’s not! Not at all!

    We need a better writer who understands The Hulk!

    And while we’re at it, a superb artist to go with the new writer for Incredible Hulk!

  7. I never read anything else of Jason Aaron’s so maybe he is a decent writer. But as far as this books goes he has no understanding of the characters. He also has dragged this story on for too long. Bruce Jones and Loeb were worse in terms of dragging things out.

    The thing to ask is why are the editors letting Jason Aaron get away with this? There is nothing wrong with trying something different ,but the characters have to be consistent. Add to that none of the new characters he has created i.e., Amanda Von Doom are really that interesting.
    The one person who is even remotely in character and interesting is Doctor Doom himself. The plot itself is pretty much run of the mill mad scientist stuff. For a book that is now four dollars they try should harder to make a decent story. The Red Hulk is better written and is still only 3 dollars.

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