Hilariousness… who is ready for Friday?

Who doesn’t know how to spell doesn’t?


2 responses to “Hilariousness… who is ready for Friday?

  1. Well beyond ready for friday. As i’ve already mentioned to you, my friends and I are getting together around 10am to begin a movie marathon to run through all the films leading up to the avengers then going to the midnight release of the movie! I’m really hoping my theater is one of the ones selected to have the 4 pairs of special 3D glasses because I’ll def want the hulk ones! We’re also donning the gear of the avengers, I’ll be in the same costume as I am in that picture I mailed to ya!

  2. hulksmashing

    I bought 3D tickets a month ago and am seeing it with some of my friends – made a Hawkeye vest [which I’ll post images on FB] and might get the Hulk 3D glasses. 😀 MIDNIGHT PREMIERE BABY!

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