Who Wants to Talk About THE AVENGERS?

Alright folks – I have just returned from my second showing of The Avengers.  I am ready to review it for you fine folks – but be ready for a few rants, for a lot of gushing AND some spoilers.  If you don’t want to read spoilers – don’t read beyond…. here!

So, I am going to give a quick list of some of my favorite things in the movie:

  • Everything Robert Downey Jr said was brilliant – but especially when he called Thor “Point Break” and Hawkeye “Legolas”
  • “Puny God” will go down as one of the best moments ever
  • Hulk and Thor taking down the huge flying alien monster – and then Hulk’s reaction to Thor standing side by side with him.
  • Iron Man getting the Hellicarrier’s engine going again… and then getting caught in the re-start.
  • Phil’s death
  • The Hulk vs Thor fight.
  • The shot of the upcoming villain at the end
  • The last shot of the heroes eating fast food.

Now, I will say I did not read any reviews or watch many trailers before as I like to walk in fresh – but I did hear someone say that they finally got the Hulk right – they learned less in more.  What they miss – and probably countless others – why the Hulk “stole the show” (as so many people have said) is because the Hulk was finally allowed to cut loose and fight an enemy worthy of really smashing!  In his earlier attempts the Hulk had to fight the Army – and there is one essential flaw in that – he’s fighting us.  His enemy are humans.  The Hulk can’t go nuts and take on humans, smashing and killing hundreds of them, not only would audiences not cheer on – they would mistakenly make Hulk… the villain.  Even if they made the Hulk out to be an innocent and unfairly pursued (as they did in the 2008 film) the bottom line is… he’s still fighting human beings.  This is one of the issues with every film maker taking their inspiration from the 70s TV show – and not the comics.  Even Marvel realized that the Hulk needed to face off against monsters and not just the Army.

Whedon didn’t just get the Hulk right – but every other character too.  It was so much fun watching the personalities clashing against each other and then to learn to work together.  It was even more fun to watch as someone finally let the Hulk’s real power be shown.

I appreciated the Hulk vs Thor fight the most – because, while Thor held his own, Hulk was really owning the fight.  It was great to watch.  A perfect popcorn, summer flick.  The most fun I have had at the movies in a LONG time.  Every positive review is well earned – and amazingly, every negative review I have read are full of moronic statements that you can’t take them seriously (one reviewer asked where Supes, Spidey and Batman were – obviously not realizing that two of those characters aren’t even in the same universe) so – I am all for the Avengers making the half a billion it’s projected to make by Sunday.  If you’re waiting to see it – don’t – and if you’ve seen it – let me hear what you’ve thought!  My grade: A-


60 responses to “Who Wants to Talk About THE AVENGERS?

  1. I’m not even gonna lie. The Avengers was the best super hero movie I have seen to date. In my opinion the HULK stole the show and Iron Man was not too far behind. I felt like every hero had their time to shine. The story was incredible. The villain’s character was was done right. I feel like they really did let HULK loose which really made the movie. I could go on and on.. scene of the movie is when HULK smashes Loki.

  2. I loved it… saw it on Friday and going again tomorrow! I think a lot of the nitpicking reviews are born out of the fact that it was so well constructed, acted, and portrayed that all you can really do is nitpick (Cap’s headgear anyone?)

    Whedon did a truely awesome job. While all the stuff on the helicarrier was happening – I felt that this was the first time I was really seeing a comic book on screen. The color palette was so bright and there was always more than one character to cheer for… it really was an unprecedented event bringing characters from their own franchises into one movie.

    Adding to your list of favorite things; (Here be spoilers)
    The old German man standing up to Loki and Cap swooping in to save the day; followed by “Shoot To Thrill”.
    Cap giving battle orders.
    Cobie Smulders.

  3. Saw it last night. I think Joss Whedon should write every Iron Man movie ever. Hulk was great, Loki was great. Only complaints are nitpicks, like maybe too much SHIELD, and the way Cap’s uniform looked so plain when they showed it from the back. Even my non-Superhero loving wife liked it and wanted more Black Widow/Hawkeye backstory.

  4. Thor Had To Have Been Holding Back Against Hulk. Seriously. We all know that he is way stronger than that. He was just taking the beating so he and the Hulk would not damage anything, or anyone else, which was not a beating, just being thrown around, uninjured. Wish there was more of him using his storm and other powers on aliens. MORE THOR! Did not really like Cap’s costume, prefer the one in his first film. Could have given Hawkeye better gear too.

    RDJ Iron Man rocked as usual. Glad there was no war machine. Hulk Smashing everything AND Loki! Very impressed with Ruffalo as Banner/ Hulk and every one of the Avengers. Hulk smashing that serpent alien/ ship? was superb. “I’m always angry”. Perfect casting. All the effects were awesome, almost like Anime, very current/ futuristic. Loki, Nick Fury, Coulson, and Agent Hill were on point. THE ACTING WAS GREAT! Awesome Film.

  5. Ratchet I’m very glad you enjoyed it (but only A minus?). My only gripe was that at one point they put Hulk in the pose of a gorilla, which no-one ever did in the comics or any medium as far as I know, and so was completely unecessary on the part of the animators (who obviously wanted to say, if we make him look like a gorilla it will make apparent how he’s a big beastly monster or something). but Hulk not monkey! Other than that I thought it was all EXCELLENT!! As one reviewer said, Whedon dropped the seventies TV ‘lonely misunderstood monster’ idea and made Hulk a positive character who’s part of the team, and, as you say, really gets to thrash some major enemies. Now what they should do is a film of “Heart of the Atom” with warthos, the robot giant, Crypto-Man and other suitably large and CGI-freindly characters and scenery. I’m happy to direct if anyone asks!

    • Interestingly enough, Ruffalo said in an article recently that he studied apes for the roll. I read that and thought “Nooo!”. However I only really noticed it in the Loki scene.

    • The “ape” Hulk pose did not bother me in the slightest – the Hulk has slammed his fists into the ground many. many times in the comics – I thought it was only done once and was not a huge part of the scene – so again, not a problem for me.

  6. After I change my pants I’ll post more. It was amazing.

  7. Hulk punching Thor after destroying the leviathan(whateverthing) and the gorilla pose and extra roar after reviving Iron Man was a bunch of stupid Disney crap.

    What about all the people in those buildings?!
    Ya, same way always in comics.

    Still, Avengers was the best superhero movie I have seen in a long time.

    Black Widow – Very Well Done.

  8. Cant wait for the blu-ray, very happy with the whole film and all the characters within it (The hulk stole the show, finally he’s been shown in his full emerald glory 🙂 )

  9. hulksmashing

    Saw it at midnight and left the theater with a dry mouth from it being open in awe. Is there anything about the movie that stands out in my mind? Nothing other than the part at the beginning all the way until the part after the shawarma eating.

  10. I say it’s the greatest comic book movie ever made. Best scenes in the movie are
    -Hulk vs Thor (Thor nose bleeding, hammer hitting Hulk’s face and Thor flying by the Hulk punches)
    -Ironman vs Thor (IM holding his own against Thor and making fun of Thor)
    -Hulk vs loki (Hulk smash puny god period)
    -Hulk vs levaithan (great show of strength)
    -All the interaction between heros
    I did feel that the Hulk/Thor fight should have been longer (I hated the cut away of the fight to show the rest of the drama occuring on the ship…..like who cares I wanna see Hulk/Thor fight more). Also, Hulk was’nt seen until about almost half of the movie and we get Banner while Thor, Ironman, Cap and the rest were well into the movie already, but those things were super-minor. Great movie and I will see it again and buy the Bluray. Grade- A

  11. hulkandthor#1!

    So was the fight evenly matched? Yes we are all Hulk fans here but can i have a non bias answer, i may not be able to watch it for a while ( personal reasons) i’m gonna try to but the outcome of this answer will determine that. PLEASE!! I DON’T CARE ABOUT SPOILERS!!

    • Why can’t you watch it?

      And yes – Thor and Hulk are pretty evenly matched in the fight – but the Hulk obviously has the power – Thor, to be fair, isn’t trying to beat Hulk at first – but the Hulk still trashes Thor pretty good. One of the best parts is the Hulk trying to pick up Thor’s Hammer

  12. hulkandthor#1!

    Thor was losing? Awwww man! Don’t get me wrong Hulk IS my favorite but you can tell by my username i like Thor too. I feel that throughout the years Hulk and Thor have been evenly matched, neither one could beat the other ( I DON’T WANT TO START A DEBATE, FOR THOSE WHO DISAGREE PLEASE LET’S NOT ARGUE!) I’ve been furious how in the media how Hulk has been winning, Hulk vs Thor the animated movie for one, I was so pissed off when I watched that! Anyway now finding out once again they have Hulk winning too easily now I’m not sure I want to watch it. I don’t want to upset anyone, this is a HULK website and he is my absolute favorite, but I have family members who has Thor as their fav and they agree with me and I wish they could have a fight in the media that’s a draw and we can all enjoy it.

    • Watch it for yourself – I think you’d be pleasantly surprised – Hulk isn’t “winning” and too easily, certainly not, but Hulk really showed off who the strongest was!

  13. hulkandthor#1!

    Well ok, if the fight was evenly matched but had the Hulk slightly physically stronger than Thor that’s ok. Hulk being a little stronger is fine but Thor ( due to all the powers at his disposal, not just storms) is slightly more powerful. Thus them being evenly matched and no clear winner. I really hope I’m not upsetting my fellow Hulk fans. If I want to debate who would win I would find a website made for that pacific reason but I won’t. Arguing isn’t fun. This is just my opinion.

  14. hulkandthor#1!

    I’ll try to watch it when I can. But you know, time and money and all that and I’m not too great on either. Going through college and can’t find a job.

  15. hulkandthor#1!

    Oh just one last question about Hulk in avengers, did Hulk talk and actually had a personality or was he just roaring all the time again?

  16. hulkandthor#1!

    Alright that’s good news! Thanks ratchet! And thanks for listening to my rambling on about my opinion, guess I just needed to get some things off my chest!

  17. It was great! Everything has been mentioned, I think i’ll just list my minor complaints. Overall I gave it a 9/10 though, so my problems with it are few.

    My only nitpicks would be that I didn’t find Hawkeye all that interesting. I wish they had just added another super-villain instead of giving him an extended character arc. I would’ve liked it better if he was just on the team, but more in the background. I mean on a team with Hulk, Thor and Iron Man…how intimidated are they gonna be of a guy that shoots arrows? My other small problem is with Caps outfit, I wish they had modernized it a little. That’s all though, really fun movie.

    Good to know that even the Iron Man elitists got to see Hulk kick some ass and steal the show. 😀

  18. Thanos at the end OMG , well Hulk will have a good fight now unless the make Thanos a pushover like they did to poor Loki. but that was a funny part and that was the point of it lol. All I can say Thanos will beat the ever lasting crap out of the Hulk sorry to you Hulk fans out their, and I like the Hulk very very much, but Thanos haves the Infiny Guanlet, but even before that he still beats the Hulk and each time Hulk gets mad and mad and more mad you get the point, it was at one point when Hulk was super mad he throw the Hulk to the suns core, remember he doesnt have the Infiny Guanlet yet and I wish I knew what comic that was maybe somebody here can help me with that, anyway The Avengers was a great fun movie I was very happy with it and The Hulk kicked butt.

  19. I thank were Thanos does all this stuff on my above comment is in the Infinity Gauntlet (1991) comics, theirs 5 or 6 of them and Infinity War (1992) comics 5 or 6 of them, I thank thats were hes beats everyone up into a bloody pulp.

  20. I hope in one of the next films Thor goes into the Warrior Madness and shows some real power. That being said, Hulk had better give Thanos some sort of a beating based on what Hulk did to Loki.

  21. Yeah that would be cool if they make that movie, and this Thanos thing they probably will have a 4 or 5 year build up to The Avengers 2 like they did with The Avengers. I dont know what their plans are for Thanos and Hulk, all I know that they better not make him a pushover, yeah Hulk fights Thanos, but Thanos always haves the upper hand for as I remember, humm I just dont know Thanos is a pretty serious thing I was like omg thats Thanos and was thanking at the same time oh god that may be a epic fail or a epic win movie, Marvel is going to have a hard time makeing this movie right when The Avengers 2 comes out.

  22. After a 2nd viewing I watched carefully the scenes of Hulk vs Thor and Ratch is right by saying- “Hulk was really owning the fight”. The reasons are
    -Hulk was hit in the face with Thor’s hammer and I did’nt see Hulk flying or bleeding.
    -When Hulk hit Thor he WAS flying and had a little blood in the nose.
    -When Hulk tried to pound Thor he stop it with 2 arms against 1 Hulk arm.
    -Hulk was trashing Thor and again sent him flying just before the jet interfeared. That I remember Thor was floored twice by Hulk, but Hulk was never floor by Thor’s hammer or punches.
    – when Thor broke out of the Hulk cage, I personally don’t think that cage would’ve held Hulk either cuz it smashed flat. It’s was designed to hold him temporary to get him off the ship and Hulk (with his strong legs) would’ve done the same to get out. Also Hulk would’ve lived from the cage fall to the ground.
    -When Thor fight’s Loki it’s a long battle while Hulk floored Loki with ease.

    Some folks might say Hey Thor was holding back for fear of hurting or killing Hulk, well I don’t buy that cuz he could’ve just knock Hulk out so he won’t hurt or Kill him. Hulk was clearly the stronger than Thor.

    • The damage that would have been caused with the endeavor of Thor really trying to knock Hulk out or break his neck would have devastated the Helicarrier and killed all on board . Thor was trying to reason, and calm the situation, not hurt or kill an ally. Thor was not into true battle mode, which would be effective, and if he goes into the Warrior Madness which increases his strength significantly….That would be interesting to see. That , and not to mention, his belt of strength. Thor took down Thanos himself in the comics. Thor has so many powers which have yet to be displayed. Hulk’s pure, raw, infinite strength could win out still, but Thor…..They have to display this character righteously in the next films.

      • Also saying that the script did not portray Thor correctly. He is “not the god of reason and understanding, he is the god of thunder and lightning”. -(Parker is a great writer…too bad wasted on a book for the red, which I will never buy again…heard something about ‘is this the end of the red hulk?’ in the Avengers comic. If only that would be true…!…PLEASE!)

    • Thor does knock Hulk down into that plane. And Hulk could not lift Mjolnir, which is a classic image taken directly from the comics.

  23. Thor holds back against his brother, cause he is his brother, and against the Hulk, for the safety of the Helicarrier and everyone on it, or Whedon does not really know the character.

    • I don’t think Thor was holding back at all with the Hulk – he was trying to knock the Hulk out – or stop him some other way – his brother, yes, vs the Hulk – nope.

  24. GreenScar1990

    Thor wasn’t holding back against Hulk.

    Against Loki? Yes.

    In the end, Hulk proved to be the more powerful of the two.

    As for Thanos, Hulk and Thor individually are an even match for the Mad Titan. However, I think it’ll take a team effort to truly take Thanos down, because while he can match either Hulk or Thor, he isn’t powerful enough to defeat them both and the other Avengers at the same time.

    I predict that in Avengers 2, Hulk will fight the entire team and nearly kill some of them, and out of guilt temporarily leaves. Then, when Thanos does arrive on the scene and proves too much, Hulk reappears and battles the Mad Titan to a standstill before the team assembles to take down the Avatar of Death.

    That’s my guess, but we’ll just have to wait and see until then. Anyways, this was a great film filled with awesome moments. Everything was near-perfect; the spfx, the actors/characters, the action, drama, comedy… all of it!

    By the way, it’s great to see that you’re still around, Hulk465!

    I’m glad that a fellow Hulk fanatic is still around. Not enough of them on Marvel.com. Most likely because they’ve been banned thanks to the imbecilic followers of T.H.O.R.

  25. I can’t wait to check it out, it looks and sounds fantastic!

  26. Ah, the never ending strength wars. Not too concerned over here, I just let the writers write and see what happens.

  27. @ Loganblue- Hulk has fought Thor with his warrior madness and sent him again “flying” in Inc Hulk#440. In my opinion Thor is more powerful than Hulk and can kill Hulk, but Hulk is more stronger than Thor and can also kill Thor. That might explain why in over 20 or so battles they mostly come up with a tie. I have almost all the Hulk/Thor battles and studied them carefully and Marvel should do a collection book of all there battle in one book. Instead we get all these useless reprints of “NEW” stuff.
    @Greenscar1990- Thank you for the comment fellow Hulk brother. I get the heat in comicbookmovie.com too. I’m always around in some shape or form.

    • Thor beat Thanos by himself in the comics. I makes me mad that they have yet to have Hulk really smash down a heavy weight like that, who is not gamma, in the comics. Thor’s true powers were not evident in the Avengers film, Hulk465, and I am griping on not seeing a full all out battle between the two. I liked to see Hulk smashing Thor, don’t get me wrong, just wish there was a more epic battle. Great film, just some minor complaints. Cap’s suit sucked 🙂

    • I have that issue, and you can see that this is not full power Thor. Mjolnir flies back to his hand with such force, Thor is surprised by this. The temporary return of Thor’s powers was the working of the Leader. Angel Medina’s art is Great!

  28. VenomousHatred1001

    Awesome review, Ratchet. I personally thought this movie was by far the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen The dialogue, the action, the comedy, the the villain at the end, …. ALL AWESOME!!!!! The Hulk really shined in this movie, especially when he smashed Loki, and was by far my favorite character. As for the Thor vs Hulk fight,I thought they were about even in power though Hulk seemed to be getting the upper-hand.
    All in all, It was an epic movie 🙂

  29. hulkandthor#1!

    I don’t know if i should mention this, but if your refering to Thor defeating Thanos is in Thor #25, that was later revealed to be a clone of Thanos. Remember, Thanos held his own against Thor and the Thing at the same time! Plus in a captain marvel issue Thanos stopped Thor’s hammer when Thor threw it at him! However I am NOT saying Thor can’t defeat Thanos. But Thanos did hold his own against Thor with the warrior’s madness enhanced with Drax’s power gem! Sooooo……… I don’t want to argue with Loganblue because we agree on alot of things plus he’s an obvious Thor fan! However I don’t think Thor has ever defeated the real Thanos, if he has please let me know because I don’t want to give false info!

  30. hulkandthor#1!

    One more thing, hulk465, i totally agree with your last comment. That is my exact opinion, heck i even posted that above!

  31. I was a little – I mean a little – Disapointed at first. I wanted more Hulk. However the next day I thought about it and Really if you count just the action scenes Hulk was in it as much as the rest and he got to do the coolest things. I agree with Ratch about the Hulk being allowed to smash and smash good.

    I still would have liked some more Hulk smashing stuff. Like a full minute and a half of him just going to town, no cut aways to other heros, just stay with Hulk. But Hulk is my fav so of course I was going to want more.

    My only other complaint is that I did not like the Hulk’s voice in the “Puny God” line. Had more Mark in it and did not sound “big enough” for Hulk. I loved how he sounded in the second hulk film.

    Not sure how I felt about the Hulk ape moves. I thought he came across ape like a few times. There was the above mentioned fist slam before he smashed Loki (I did not mind that) there was the Kong like smashing of his chest (not crazy about that) there was the knuckle walk when checking on Iron man after he stopped him from falling (like that the least as he looked the most ape like in his movement there). But none of it was a make or break thing for me. Hell I may even grow to love it.

    However those are my only small complaints. The film was a blast and I can’t wait to see it again and again and again.

  32. Godzillaaaaaah!

    The movie was excellent, the best I’ve seen in a while. However, that is not to say it didn’t have issues. My biggest problem was, of course, the inclusion of Hawkeye and the Black Widow instead of Ant Man and the Wasp, but that’s old news, so I can overlook it. The only other (minor) issue I saw with the movie was the Hulk’s design. Honestly, it was great, leaps and bounds over the 2008 one. However, I just didn’t like that the Hulk looked almost exactly like Bruce Banner. The Hulk has never (excluding the first few issues) been portrayed as looking just like his alter ego, and it made the Hulk into less of his own character and more an extension of Banner. Also, he had chest hair. Hulk does not have chest hair. Stubble, fine, but not on the chest.

    • Kirby’s Hulk has chest hair and Kirby’s Hulk is one of the best! “He’s a big, hairy lug” (said in New York accent). But you’re right that Hulk doesn’t usually look like Banner – I think the creators said they thought Mark Ruffalo looks a bit like Hulk, so they thought they may as well model the Hulk on his features.

  33. Film was a blast!!!!! Not being a Hulk fan at all before this movie, I must say that he was one of the best parts of the Avengers movie!! Looked great, actions stole almost every scene and funny to boot!!! Well done Mr Whedon, well done. Hulk can smash my movie anytime he wants!!!!

  34. Iron Man calling Hawkeye Legolas had me on the floor!!! Also, Cap shield looked Amazing!!!!

  35. VenomousHatred1001

    This movie made me love the Hulk again. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!!

  36. hulkandthor#1!

    I finally saw it and I have to say I was a little disappointed. I know I’m in the minority when I say this but of all the films I think this is the worst version of the Hulk. Once again he’s this roaring out of control monster with not even a little humanity. Why do I say this? Look what he did after his first transformation, an unprovoked attack on black widow and acted like he was going to kill her. Hulk does not intentionally kill! Ever! At least in ang lee’s film he was more gentle, he didn’t want to hurt anyone, wanted to be left alone and ONLY attacked when provoked. All the other characters were done well, except the Hulk. Marvel is constantly screwing up his character. You know what? I don’t want a Ruffalo solo Hulk film because Hulk’s just going to roar all the time, never speak, and act like what everyone says he is…… a MONSTER! The one and only good thing I have to say is Hulk had credit and did alot of smashing. Thor-A+, Cap-A+, Ironman-A+, everyone one else an A, Hulk……borderline F! Give Hulk a personality and MOST important…. a HEART! There’s a hero under that green skin. He speaks, he cares, he protects the innocent even when all they do is hunt, hate, and harass him. Surely all the Hulk fans out there don’t like the Hulk simply because he’s strong and he smashes stuff! Put a tender side in there! Give him a scene when he’s not just angry, maybe talking to a child or a moment when he’s emotional saying he just wants the fighting to stop and find a place where he can belong or just wants a friend! But NNNOOOOO! All marvel wants is a raging, heartless monster who smashes stuff! Ok I’m done. Sorry Ratchet and everyone I just wanted to type this and get it out. I hope some of you who is reading this agrees with me.

    • Well, I am sorry it was not to your liking bro – but in the Hulk comics he has had plenty of times that he has been an out of control – attacking everyone. Think about the two transformations in the movie though – the first happened in the midst of choas and loss of control – that is why the Hulk at that point was so angry and brutal. The next transformation was under Banner’s control – so he had more humanity to him.

      Read this article: http://badassdigest.com/2012/05/08/about-the-hulks-two-hulk-outs-in-the-avengers/

      It helps figure out why we saw two different Hulks in the movie

    • I understand the heroic aspect of our Marvel heroes, but at the end of the day the Hulk is a force of nature, and as for him not talking, go back to older issues and he hates when people talk during a fight it makes him enraged…so how can you say have him say more? All I need is for him to say his signature line, if not but once, and Im good! Hulk smash is what we want 2 see!! Also, if your in a fight there is little to no words exchanged, just who’s strongest!

  37. Ya, hulkandthor. Glad you saw it. The film was a bit generic (disneyized) with the Hulk characterization though, Hulk was caring enough for me when, at the end, he saved and helped revitalize Iron Man.

    The evil Loki wand, if you notice, made every one extra angry, part of the Loki manipulation, and that could have been explained more, I guess. He did have a mouthpiece on, at the end, to prevent this.

    My Gripes: Thor should have displayed his powers more. Cap’s and Hawkeye’s gear sould have been better. (the shield and arrows were on point though). Hulk could have had more dialogue.

    To me, as a Marvel comic book purist since the early eighties, a lot made sense. Just a little too much disney and too little Thor. Hulk Rocked. Yet, of course, Marvel never fails to disappoint on something.

    Can’t wait for The Amazing Spider-Man. Finally, web shooters, but it looks like he is wearing shoes! Marvel is just a sucker for dumb commerciality.

  38. hulkandthor#1!

    I did like the movie, Thor ( one of my top favorites ) to me was well done, though he should have given Hulk a better fight in the end though I consider it a draw. As far as the 2 Hulks go…..meh. Hulk has lost control many times in the books I’ll be one of the first to admit that but almost always he had reason. I feel that it’s not the Banner part of him that makes Hulk a hero. Honestly I HATE Banner. I mean REALLY, REALLY HATE Banner. Especially in the 60’s and 70’s. I just want Hulk in the films to TALK. Have a personality and a heart. Even in the end when he was helping the avengers it was more along the lines that Hulk was a weapon. Point him in the right direction and pull the trigger. I plan on watching it again, if the Hulk was indeed attacking widow because of Loki I’ll feel better. I would give the Avengers an 8 out of 10. As far as the films go, ang lee’s Hulk ( the Hulk himself not the movie ) is my favorite, omiting the 15 foot tall crap. He seemed more innocent and childlike, not just a raging brute. I just have to accept the fact that in the movie industry Hulk will be nothing but a monster of pure rage and little humanity. We’ll never see his childlike innocence and desire for friendship and belonging.

  39. The Hulk was great in this movie and finally represented well. In regards to the eternal Hulk vs Thor debate, they are so evenly matched but in the movie Thor CAN’T release the full fury of his lightning strike on the Helicarrier and was clearly trying to restrain the Hulk whereas the Hulk can just release the full fury of his rage.

  40. hulkandthor#1!

    I realize I’m typing this late and there’s a good chance no one will read this but I just wanted to say I watched Avengers again over the past weekend with a more open mind and this time I absolutely enjoyed it this time. While my opinion of the Hulk is still the same I saw how loki was getting to the avengers and it was for this reason why Hulk was so angry and attacked black widow. I still wished he talked and we could see a gentler side in him but maybe in the future we will. congrats to whedon for making an amazing movie. Borderline F? No way! i give it a solid A+!!

  41. Glad you enjoyed it more!

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