Avengers Grab Zags (2012)

Grab Zags Avengers Set

Wow – Avengers is ON FIRE!  It certainly deserves all the accolades because it is a hilarious and violent popcorn movie – perfect way to start off the Summer movie season!  Another great way to celebrate this momentous occasion for Marvel is to go out and pick up some Avengers merchandise!

The Avengers Hulk is a more Olive color… and with those ugly tan pants

I showed off a Grab Zags Hulk before – the one that comes in the blind package – but this time they have the Avengers themed figures!  Even better, the figures are easy to feel out in the package as the other items are a skateboard and a disc launcher of sorts.  When I bought a few figures I quickly realized that each box comes with one complete Avengers set!  I liked them so much I bought the rest of the figures so I could have them all.

I love the “glowing” hammer – makes it even better!

Amazingly, the FIRST figure I got was… THE HULK!  That’s right, I was able to snag the Hulk on my first try!  I liked the other figures I opened (Nick Fury and Cap) and realized that there were only 5 figures left in the box – and I had bought three – and there was only 8 in the whole set… so I put two and two together, not only that but I kind of wanted the Thor figure, and collected the rest!  I like these things a lot – the unique Manga feel to them makes them worth picking up!


One response to “Avengers Grab Zags (2012)

  1. I just picked up the regular version and thanks to this post I am on the hunt for the Avengers version. Thanks for the info!


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