The Incredible Hulk 7.1 (2012) – The Review

7.1 – on a scale out of 10 would be a .01

I was asked not to review this issue… and trust me – I have no desire to… I just can’t even begin or maybe define the amount of suckage that this book has to it.  Aaron is somewhat out of his mind of he thinks this new series is anything but a complete disaster – and the sales should be a clear indication that the majority of people are unhappy with his direction.  Shame on you Marvel for green lighting this – shame on you Aaron for trying to redefine a classic character with such silly nonsense.

Listen, giving a character like the Hulk a new direction isn’t ever easy – but it can be done with some real positive responses – but like all great fantasy… it has to be based in reality.  That’s what makes comics and other fantasy stories so much fun to read – they are all still based on the idea of something fantastic happening in the real world.  Reality still has to exist inside of the outrageous – otherwise the outrageous becomes boring and we stop reading.  It’s like the end of Jaws – as out there as it is (the fire extinguisher blowing up) most of the story is pretty realistic.  Aaron’s trying to get us to believe that multiple personalities can be cured by cutting the other guys out of the brain… yeah…

But for anyone interested – the art in the book is very different – but no better.  The story is getting disgustingly terrible as “find” Banner’s ashes and bury them in concrete… as if they were honoring him or something.  Most people bury people out of respect – but the words spoken about him showed contempt… it’s just ludicrous.  Aaron even brings the monkey back – the one who threw his poop.  It’s like Loeb not being able to give up a bad idea – Aaron has the same disease.  Someone should put him out of his misery.  Anyways, just to let everyone know – Hulk turns into Banner in the end of the issue.  Oh yeah – Spoiler alert… 🙂

I just want this train to stop… I feel like doing something I have not done in a LONG, LONG time… not buying the Hulk book.

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51 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk 7.1 (2012) – The Review

  1. I think i see a trend between Jones’s and Aaron’s run. They both have excellent covers but crap stories. The difference being Jones’s stories were good just not good Hulk stories were Aaron is just a hack.

  2. Why do most if not all the reviews I have read are praising this garbage? Its like they never read a hulk comic before!.

      1. This reviewer can’t be taken seriously as he misspells due… I mean – this whole series is rubbish – yet why am I shocked that people are still reading it? They did the same thing with Loeb’s run…

  3. I haven’t looked through the issue yet ( don’t want to ), all I saw was a preview of 4 pages and already hated what I saw. Crappy artwork, Hulk’s character way out of character, if he was grey it would be a little better. I’m still going to collect Hulk’s books, but I refuse to read any of them until Aaron gets kicked off the title and maybe, MAYBE, we’ll get a better writer.

  4. Look, if you don’t like it, stop reading. That’s what I did during the Loeb/Parker years and spent the money buying Peter David back issues instead. I returned for the relaunch and I’ve loved Aaron’s writing (admittedly, the art hasn’t always been great).

    I don’t know why I’m even bothering to argue, seeing as I have no real points in what makes it great. I can’t even say why I like it – who knows – maybe I am just a fan of terribly written comics.

    Anyways, great site! I love your reviews!

    Peace out.

  5. One more thing I want to bring up real quick, I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I have mentioned previously about my dislike of this recent avengers cartoon’s Hulk. Making him weak and all that, well I found out this show has been canceled. Marvel is currently making a new avengers cartoon with the live action film’s roster and Thanos is to be a main villain. Like I said I know this has nothing to do with this post I just thought I’d mentioned it to those who might be interested.

  6. We need another writer like Pak. He is my second favorite, next only to Peter David. I can’t believe my eyes when I see people praising this garbage! Hulk deserves better than this. As fans, we need to make a petition to get Marvel to can Aaron’s work before it gets even more out of hand!

    1. X – the praising is a mystery to me as well – I have one poster on here who likes this series – and if he wasn’t insulting in his original posts he might’ve been able to even discuss his points with everyone here – but that’s it – that’s all I have seen of Aaron supporters on the Hulk series. Every major Hulk fan I talk to is disappointed with the direction it’s taking….

  7. Aaron is near stupid. Aaron has no real sense of humour and if you don’t share it, maybe that’s what you don’t like. 🙂

    By the way – I can do this all day.

    If you started out without insults maybe we could have had a civil conversation on here.

  8. I agree with all of you. Garth ennis created a great version of frank castle. A Punisher who wasnt in the marvel universe and aged in real time. The people who are Punisher fans in the 80’s and 90’s are around 30 today. We got to read a Punisher comic about a vigilante in his sixties. Mavel lets this hack jason aaron come in and kill him. He has kille wolverine and sent him to hell, killed the Punisher, and now has killed banner. Its just stupid writing. But lets be honest. We do what we have always done. Wait it out. Reread our back issues. Great Hulk stories are a few years away but it will be worth the wait.

    1. Exactly – Aaron obviously doesn’t respect the creations he’s writing. That’s where the hostility comes out of when people are complaining about the writing. One thing EVERY writer should do is actually do some homework on the Hulk… Jones didn’t do it – and if Aaron did then he obviously didn’t understand it.

      I’ll be happy when Marvel decides to drop Aaron for a writer who is better suited to take on the complexities of the Hulk while giving us a fresh take that entertains.

  9. Ratchet,
    The ‘art’ is just CRAP! My nephew can draw better, and he is 4! I am willing to see where this this all turns out, but I just cannot bear to take my time with a book with terrible drawing. Ya, that monkey has to go. From the red hulks to this, I am really disgusted with Marvel…..again. I agree, going back to the back issues. the following is a good product. -L

    1. I do like the villains on this film, kind of like Wolverine, yet, creatively different. “HULK SMASH CLAW PEOPLE!” Priceless.

  10. OMG! Incredible Hulk #8 looks EVEN WORSE. Dillon Sucks! I mean REALLY SUCKS.

    Hulk has been watered down. Anyone who is into, or even reads rulk, deserves derision. There should be only THE HULK. Now he is just green hulk. GOD I HATE MARVEL QUESADA AND LOEB. Where is the integrity?! Parker is there for a paycheck. F@#& RED! Not only are we in a depression, but one of my favorite diversions from reality sucks worse than ever. -L

    1. Actually L, Parker has made the Red Hulk book into a fantastic read month after month… which reminds me – I should do a catch up review.

      1. Which I would not care to read, the comic, nor your review, because it is not THE HULK! Period!

      2. Look Ratch, The red hulk is not the Hulk! Parker is a better writer than Aaron, but this is not the Hulk. It would be great if this character did not have his own title. Why don’t they bring the Abomination back, and give him his own title title then. Dr. Doom’s book would be great, I guess. I bet that would sell. Loki and Venom already had mini series.

        There are too many Gammas.

  11. I like how people continue saying “everyone else is giving this series positive reviews” – well, this site obviously shows there are people upset over this ridiculous series and the other point is that the SALES show that the majority of the people are not interested in reading Aaron’s take on the Hulk. How do they explain the luke warm sales if other people are really in love with what Aaron’s doing?

  12. That book is awesome!!! Single best comic I’ve read in 2012… Couldnt disagree more with the crowd here…Art was beautifull too, reminded me of some of the great European artists like liberatore ect…This is so much better than Pak’s slumber fest.

    Bring on the “Stay Angry” arc !!!

    1. Well now, here we have someone who likes it – art and all – While we disagree about what makes a great Hulk book – thank you for stating your view in a respectful manner.

      As far as Pak goes – he had a great understanding of the Hulk character – where Aaron is treading into the series with a new outlook – except that new view contrasts 50 years of continuity – coupled with confusing and rushed artwork – it’s a unmitigated disaster.

  13. I really enjoy you blog. I have seen your comic boxes and i wanted to let you know about some boxes i got for my hulk collection 2 years ago. I bought them form and they are really great. They pull out like file cabinets so you can get to your books without having to move boxes. I bought a Essential Home Bridgeport Armoire from k-mart and stored the boxes in there. It is really a nice set up. I thought i would share the collection boxes with you cause you seem to take real pride in your collection. If you would like to see a picture of my hulk collection in the boxes just let me know .

    Thank you

  14. By the way I know alot of folks don”t like Rulk but I’m OK with him ( I see him the same way i see Beta Ray Bill, cool character but nothing compared to the original). The Rulk series is well written and current “ghost series’artist is awesome. Not too happy with the Hulk vs Avengers- ish#1 b+, #2 c-, #3 c- so far.

  15. I can agree with Logan about the red hulk, while I think he is an interesting character, as far as I’m concerned there is only one hulk. THE HULK!! I also feel the same as hulk465, he’s like beta ray bill, interesting yet not the original. I think what is pissing Logan off ( myself included ) is here we have a hulk ripoff whose stories, artwork, and sales (?) is better than the original Hulk. It’s insulting! I refuse to read Aaron’s run until he gets kicked off then I can read it all at once and get it out of the way. Yes if we’re so upset we can stop buying them and not read them, but what’s pissing everyone off is we shouldn’t have to to begin with. If all the other characters have better stories so should one of the most popular and iconic characters, namely the Hulk! Though in my personal opinion, ALL of marvel’s current titles suck!

  16. Incredible Hulk #7.1 seemed like the leveling out before another dip in quality and story. Call me crazy (“Gary, you’re crazy!”) but I liked this issue. It didn’t drag out the “Is Banner really dead?” plotline that we all knew the answer to. It also didn’t really give us any surprises. What I did find disturbing is the Hulk’s own monologue after the big set piece at the end (Amanda? Really?), and the chronic, “we get it already”-ness of the Orb’s appearance. The character has appeared in nearly all of Aaron’s work at Marvel thus far. We don’t need him here, too, but we get him anyway.

    Is it a shame that this is the best issue of the new series so far? Hell yes. Is it a shame that this series is selling gangbusters at my local shops and most of the places I ask? Most definitely. Like with Bruce Jones’ stories, it seems when the storylines are at their most insipid, the public pays attention and thinks that Hulk guy is worth following.

    Better only because Banner wasn’t around to screw up. But I have the feeling we’ll get that in spades next issue.

    Anyone else think it’s depressing that the next 5 issues have 5 guest artists, ostensibly to diversify the feel of the Hulk’s globe-trotting adventure, but more likely to give Marvel breathing room while searching for a regular artist who can actually remain on-schedule?


    1. I guess you’re right Gary about it being good for Aaron not dragging out Banner’s return – but seeing as I knew he wasn’t gone in the first place it made it all that more silly that it was only for an issue…

  17. Hey Ratch,

    Agreed. Terrible issue. BTW, have you seen the new Hot Toys teaser picture of the Hulk they’re releasing? It looks pretty cool, and judging how they usually mask the armature with their other figures, it looks as if Ol’ Greenskin might have some sort of ‘skin’ on top of the articulated armature!

  18. Hey Ratchet, this is a really dumb question but how can I email you? I’m not a computer genius. I have a question to ask you about emails I’m getting from you that I’d rather have just us two chat instead of on a post. Something about my comments on your site.

  19. For some reason I can’t send an email. Well these emails I’m getting are regarding comments on your site. It says to subscribe to comments on whatever the post is and saying I’ll get an email of each new post. There’s a button to activate it and it says if I think this is an error ignore the message and I’ll never be bothered again ( yeah right! ) On the bottom it’s got your blog name and Blog URL http//hulkcollectio,worldpress. I’m getting these quite a bit and thought you sent it as a way of joining your site. Clearly this isn’t the case and I’m sorry if I offended you for making this assumption. I just wanted you to know this because this regards your site. Any ideas what this is?

    1. I honestly have no idea – I know there is a way to subscribe to the site – and maybe wordpress just sends these out if you are a constant visitor to the site – but I have no idea. I know I do not send anythng out to anyone in emails. I would just ignore them

  20. Seriously. MARVEL HAS TO DO A RE-LAUNCH. Eliminate all of these excessive, ridiculous, characters and inane story lines. DC did this, but they are already bringing back all the Supers Bats and Green Arrows.

    I wish it was possible for writers, artists, and editors to have enough creativity to portray the original heros and villains on interesting story arcs. Marvel has to get rid of all of the Hulks, Spiders, Thors, Wolverines and other Mutants.

    No more red hulk, she hulks, leaders, abominations, spider girls, venoms, beta ray, thor girl, dakkens, iron people, and all of the other inane mutants or heros, or even as characters.

    For villains there are already Tyrannus, ZZaxx. U-Foes. Juggernaut, Dr. Doom, Mephisto, Galactus, Thanos. Green Goblin, Mandarin, Dr. Octopus, Magneto, and other ORIGINALLY powered villains to build off of.

    Just clean the slate Marvel and I will be a consistent READER again.


  21. I agree Logan. Marvel has been going down hill for years now and instead of getting better they’re getting WORSE! The stories, the character interpretation, EVERYTHING! Heck, marvel even brought back that stupid Thor clone Ragnarok! Why?! We all are talking about how Aaron writes the Hulk, I also absolutely HATE how Matt Fraction is writing Thor! He’s back to the arrogant jerk! What happened to all the humility and lessons he learned in previous issues. When Straczynski wrote him he was a mature, wise king, now……..Yeah Logan you’re absolutely right, marvel needs to do a relaunch. I guess all this moneys getting to their heads and they feel like they can do whatever they want and not care what the fans think. I was also going to bring up how I felt about Northstar’s current gay marriage, but I don’t want to offend anyone and start something I’ll regret. Yes it’s true, if we’re so upset we should stop reading them, but the fact is we prefer not getting upset in the first place. I for one have completely given up on marvel, their movies, their cartoons, their games, and especially their comics. I will keep collecting Hulk though, I’ll never stop, but I’ll know it will be another disappointing issue. Heck who knows, 10 years from now they might get good again………..maybe.

  22. This issue had me very confused. Banner came back..but how?! Did Doctor Doom even do anything? I’m trying to like this series, but I think this was a dumb run of let’s kill Banner, but let’s bring him back the next issue. It could have been way worse though.

  23. I checked out a spoiler website… and the story looks LAME. That being said the art is alright. Palo looks like he was trying out for a run on a Hellboy comic, but otherwise looks good enough that I am considering buying it based on the pencils.

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