Check This Out!

So, I know that WalMart has an exclusive 6″ Avengers line – but they have yet to show up on the East Coast… if any of my Gamma Bros that visit this site have found an extra and want to help me out I would be truly grateful!  Anyone?!?!?

Well, in the meantime – check out the art I did on a blank Defenders #1 cover.  Let me know what you think!  As you can see – it’s featuring the original Defenders only!  😉  Actually, there is another side to this cover – if you’d like to see the other side just click on the image (Trust me – it’s so worth seeing!)

12 responses to “Check This Out!

  1. crap, I just looked on eBay and they are going for $50?!?!!? what?? Guess I need to start checking out Wal-Mart.

    Nice drawing!!

  2. I’m a little lost here, which Hulk fig is this? I have 4 so far- Lg eletronic talking fig, Battle arms in air fig, small fig and hard to find I don’t do nothing Hulk, lol. If it’s the last one you talking about In NY in the LTS it’s sold for $14.99 and I seen a coupla of them.

    • So what is the fourth one you refer to? I only have the first three you mention.

      • The 4th Hulk fig is about 6-inch? with tan pants (with one fist closed and one hand open) with limited joints and the box looks like the electronic one but smaller. I don’t recall ratchet showcasing it, but I could be wrong. I remember seeing it on the net, but never in any stores where I live. I was lucky enough to get the box Avengers set in the same LTS I picked up the 4th Hulk in NY. Sorry I can’t give you more info cuz I don’t have it right in front of me.

  3. Apparently they are about the size of Marvel Legends – WalMart exclusives – and they look really cool! I really want it – but the prices on ebay are astronomical right now! I am just hoping to get one for a reasonable price.

    I will post a pic soon.

  4. Well if we are talking about the same thing when u post the pic I’ll pick it up for you (no cost to you) and mail it to you when I get the chance (we Hulk brother got to look out for each other). Just do me a favor and repost your address to my email address cuz I have your address in Florida and I’m in NY. By the way I thought the Walmart figs were different, new versions….hmmm? I have 5 Walmart in my area in FL.

  5. I’ve just seen the walmart exclusive on the net and no I don’t have it and it’s not the same one we are talking about………the hunt begins anew.

  6. Hey Ryan-I broke down again-and went to ebay and purchased the WAL-MART 6-inch HULK,paid a nice chunk of change for it-but like you said they don’t seem to be hitting the east cost yet-who knows if they ever will-also check-outthe 3 3/4″ Avengers box sets (another WAL-MART EXCLUSIVE)there’s a totally new HULK sculpt-looks good-in one set it’s Hawkeye,,HULK ,Loki and Iron Man the second set has Black Widow,Iron Man(again),Cap and Thor-They’re on ebay-again at astronomical prices.If you do pick up this 6″ inch HULK -I think that you’ll like it, I think it’s the best one yet-I like it better then the Marvel Select Movie HULK….take care, Mike
    **** did Corry give you the HULK soda can ????

  7. How much are they going for at walmart? I went to TRU and they had ML for 21! Paid that for the new MS Hulk!

  8. Both Wal-mart exclusive Hulk’s are WAY better looking than the geneal released figures. Not happy that they are getting crappy distribution. I am not paying eBay amounts for these plastic figures, hope they come to NC eventually. I thought my days of action figure hunting were over. alas, apparently not.

    • I hate to tell everyone this after complaining the way I did – but I got them both today… to be posted tonight!

  9. re: cover art. very amusing – loved the surfer back cover. your art on the cover really serves to enhance the humour.

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