WalMart Exclusive Avengers Comic Collection 4-Pack (2012)

Avengers Comic Collection

As far as I’ve been told – all the figures in this boxed set are re-issues… all except the Hulk.  Actually, that’s not 100% accurate either.  This Hulk, though I am glad to have it, is going to be released on a single card and also in the First Wolverine 2-pack.  Maybe he will have a different paint job – maybe not.  We will have to see – other than that fact, I am psyched to get this!


This Hulk (a slight re-do of the MU WWH released) is one of the best yet!  The sculpt really is superb!  While I don’t have a figure to take out of the package I can say this – the articulation seems to be about the same as previous figures.

NEW Hulk!

Like I said – I think the rest of the figures are re-releases – but I am pretty happy with the figure choices we are offered in this boxed set – Loki, the main villain is always fun to have in the set you get, Iron Man, arguably the best character in the movie, and Hawkeye, just cool as hell!


The ONLY complaint I have is the price – although it’s a small one.  The price on these sets are $29.99 – and that’s fine because we get 4 figures.  4 single figures would normally cost us $40 – so we are getting a better deal here – but with the 3 packs they released being only $20 I thought these would be a more reasonable $24.99.  Overall – you should not hesitate to pick up this set for $30.  Totally worth it!

Iron Man

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3 thoughts on “WalMart Exclusive Avengers Comic Collection 4-Pack (2012)

  1. Looks awesome! I’m surprised it isn’t Hulk, Thor, Cap, and Iron Man though. This Hulk looks alot better than the previous Hulks. Hulk needs a boulder.

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