Who has these?

Hulk #6 – Green Version

Is Wizard still around?  If so, does it still have multiple covers?  If so, does anyone actually still buy the magazine?  I fondly remember picking this magazine up issue anfter issue and reading it cover to cover!  Wizard was THE name in comic news… and then things went a little south.  For a while Wizard tried to get into the retail business – selling statues and figures on thier site.  I don’t know anyone who bought from them – and more so – most of them laughed at the “value” they placed on things.  Even the price guide was viewed as an unreliable source.  They tried to offer the magazine without the price guide – which showed the lack of real content all that more apparent.  It’s too bad really, like I said, I loved this mag back in the day.  And these two are my favorite covers.  The green version seems to be easier to find – the grey version is my personal favorite though – from artist elite, Sam Kieth!

Wizard #6 – Grey Version – when they were still incorporating the Wizard cloak into the covers!

17 responses to “Who has these?

  1. It’s all digital now.

  2. I just went and the “ezine” or whatever you want to call is just used to whore out their conventions A totally worthless site.

    • Yup – it is, you’re right. Ugh – they have tried to do a Wizard World Boston – but us Bostonians are not fooled by trying to lure us in with B movie actors and has-beens! That’s why Boston CC is proving to be such a success – it’s all about the comics! Wizard stopped being about the comics a long time ago

  3. Another reason why Wizard sucks!
    They are nothing but a bunch of z- grade celebrity marks!

  4. hulkandthor#1!

    Sam Kieth? Isn’t that the artist on Peter David’s grey Hulk run with Mr. Hyde in the train?

  5. yup

  6. The Grey Hulk has to come back, and kick Red’s ass. Those are awesome drawings and coloring. Grey looks super cool…… Red has to Go! And I will complain, and not buy that crap. Re-Launch Please!…. Red Hulk SUCKS, Red Hulk Sucks, RED HULK SUCKS! RED RUM. Gonna Kill Him. – Loganzo

    • The grey Hulk is actually not as strong as the green – so kicking the Red Hulk’s ass may prove to be problematic

  7. hulkandthor#1!

    Saw avengers episode with red hulk, sucked, naturally. Even had same voice as Hulk, just a little more evil. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes started out great and now one of the worst animated series ever. Yeah I know, I’m off topic……..again.

  8. hulkandthor#1!

    Artwork is good I’m just not a fan of using same picture ( and statue for that matter ) and changing the color from green to grey and vice versa. The 2 Hulks actually physically look different, not just different skin color. Grey Hulk is smaller, different hair and face and so on.

    • I completely agree with what you are saying – but I think some illuctrations work well in either color – this is one of them.

  9. hulkandthor#1!

    Logan does bring up a point. I wonder if the grey Hulk will be coming back anytime soon? While the green savage Hulk is my favorite i do like the grey. Heck any Hulk is better than the banner Hulk. The banner Hulk not merged Hulk. The Hulk for example in issues 272-296. Do not bring that Hulk back.

  10. Re-Launch Marvel !!!

    Begging for it. No more Hulks, Beta Rays, Spider and Iron People, Mutants…. Please. No more Thor’s and all that other BS. Get ORIGINAL DUDES!. At least The Justice League and their enemies have unique and original casts. Thank you HulkandThor#! for agreeing. If some of us could come up with someone who can draw awesome we could change the Universe. Seriously.

    Banner is the Hulk…… No one else.

  11. hulkandthor#1!



    No Rob Liefield, Jim Valentino, Jeph Loeb, Chap Yaep, Jim Lee, Scott Lobdell, Whilce Portacio. There are others but won’t mention all of them.

    And most important of all………..NO MORE HULKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hulkandthor#1!

    Except the original.

  13. hulkandthor#1!

    Well dc may have original casts but they’re worst than marvel. Look at all the supermen ( women ), green lanterns, flashes, wonder women, batmen and so on.

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