Marvel Select Avengers Hulk (2012)

Marvel Select Avengers Hulk

Marvel Select has the reputation as being one of the best companies putting out figures.  The price tag for one of these figs seemed steep… until the new Marvel Legends came out for the same price.  These figures suddenly looked like a bargain!  They have released a Zombie Hulk, a regular Hulk (based on the Hulk maquette), an amazing Abomination and the Ultimate Hulk.  I have to say though, this new Hulk – the Avengers based figure – is tops!

Looks like Ruffalo – but also captures the classic look as well!

This sculpt is one of the most impressive I have seen in a while – we certainly have come a long way since the first Avengers figures released.  In fact, if you want to see a great review click HERE to see a patron of Zapp Comics show you all the Hulky goodness that this figure holds.  I give this figure a HUGE thumbs up (Grade: A) and recommend everyone pick one of these bad boys up!

Better Pic

14 responses to “Marvel Select Avengers Hulk (2012)

  1. Is he taller than the last Hulk they released?

  2. I love this figure SO MUCH! It really is the best Hulk figure to come out for The Avengers movie, no doubt. I mean, it even stands as possibly being the best Hulk Marvel Select has ever produced! I’m still kind of torn about that one, though. Regardless, this is a wonderful figure, and a sigh of relief for all the mediocre Hasbro figures (with the exception of the Marvel Legends one, which I am still yet to get my hands on…)

  3. This is a great Hulk fig and since I came back to NY I’ve picked up a lot of Hulk stuff (select being one of them). Among the cool finds is the resale of the old Hulk model by MPC, but in NYC area there are no Walmarts and I’m not driving to NJ just to maybe get a Hulk 6″ fig “if” they have it. In 2 weeks I will be heading back to FL and I hope they have it in one of the 5 Walmarts near me but I doubt it cuz it might be sold out 😦

    • I have that model 465! I will be posting that soon! I love that thing!

      • I was lucky today to pick up 3 pack “heroic age of heros” with Rulk at LTS.

      • What does LTS mean – I know LCS is Local Comic Shop – but what is the LTS? Who else is in the 3-pack? If it’s just the Red Hulk fig I may skip it…

      • LOL…. Local Toy Store. Yeah you might wanna skip it cuz your no big fan of Rulk. The 3 figs in the box are Thor, Ironman and Rulk.

  4. I missed the ML Hulk by days at my walmart 😦

  5. So is this one as have as previous Marvel Select figures? I just bought one off of ebay yesterday, can’t wait to get it.

  6. GreenScar1990

    I have it! Now if only they would release a Marvel Select Green Scar/Green King Hulk, Caiera The Oldstrong and Skaar. That, my fellow Hulk fanatics, would be awesome!

  7. My only complaint after receiving Juggy & Abomination in the mail today is that Hulk is rather scrawny compared to them.

  8. Was lucky enough to find one of these at my LCS… definitely the best Hulk action figure out there!

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