MPC Incredible Hulk Snap Model Kit (2012)

Re-release Hulk Kit

Like 465 mentioned in an earlier comment – this is a re-release of a model from the 70’s.  I was psyched to see this at my LCS because I was never able to obtain the original kit.  I have quickly put it together to let all the gammabros here to check out what it looks like out of the box – but of course you need to glue it together and slap some paint on it for it to really pop!

Hulk Kit

The model comes with a choice of fists – or open hands (which I prefer for this) where you can place something for him to hold.  What should he hold?  Well – the amount of things I could list would be insanely long and arbitrary – but here’s the top 3: #3) A Carrot #2) A Handmade Hulk Sign #1) An Action Figure of a Hulk Foe.  Of course #9 is turning him into a table leg.

Great sculpt!

5 responses to “MPC Incredible Hulk Snap Model Kit (2012)

  1. Hey did’nt the original model had the Hulk holding a log?

  2. Hey Ryan-I still have the Original-somewhere from ’78 or ’79-I’m pretty sure that the original and base were all molded in the same color green(memory is not what it used to be)…hulk465-I think you’re thinking of Remco’s Log Throwing HULK (late 70’s ?) again fuzzy memory-this was a great toy-HULK only threw the log about 2 inches but it was fun-Take care -MIKE

  3. It didn’t come with a log, but the box showed the Hulk holding a log. Also, the original was molded in a yellowish green (very 70’s-early 80’s Hulk green) and the pants and base where a plum color (again, the true Hulk pants color, not the PURPLE that the current model has).

  4. I remember having this kit back in the 80s–maybe more than one, even. Definitely the colors were a bit different back then. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

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