Incredible Hulk #8 (2012) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #8

Lest anyone think I actually enjoy giving a negative review let me say this: I had an opportunity to read through some of Aaron’s Punisher run and I thought it was well written in the essence of the Punisher.  He had the Punisher doing what he does best.  Extreme violence.  In the same respect, Aaron has ZERO of that in the Hulk… except for the violence… which is probably one of the last thing the Hulk is really about.

I was wondering how well this storyline would come off with the guest shot of the Punisher – unfortunately we have more of the same shoveled at us that this series has given us before.  The dual inner monologues prove to be nothing but a clumsy attempt at showing the Hulk’s struggle to understand what is happening – and Banner’s maniacal pleasure in making the Hulk’s life miserable.

McGuinness Variant for #8

I said before that this series reminded me of the movie Crank – well, the derivative really shows as the Hulk asks the Punisher to repeatedly shoot him in the face or when he jumps out of a moving truck just to “keep him angry” reminiscent of the many times Jason Statham asked someone to do something to get the adrenaline moving.  I think the real issue lies with Aaron’s inability to capture the character of who the Hulk truly is.  In this issue alone the Hulk acts and says many things that are out of sorts for a character 50 years deep.  First off there is this:

All of a sudden the Hulk is afraid of being shot…

The Hulk is hesitant about attacking the Punisher… because he thinks he has a gun that can kill him?  I mean, really?  This hit me so bizarre as at the Hulk’s inception he was bullet proof.  As a weapons expert I know the Punisher is really good at killing men – but the Hulk?  Remember this?

Gee – Hulk doesn’t seem to have an issue with guns here

Because apparently Aaron doesn’t.  Let’s move onto the rest of the issue where the Hulk (who seems to be in control of his rage enough to have to ask someone to keep him angry) continues to kill person after person.  Maybe it doesn’t show him “kill” them – but it shows the Hulk just hauls off and punches a person in the face.  With the kind of power the Hulk holds punching a Mexican in the face would – or should – have crushed his skull.  Since it didn’t happen I can only assume he holding back his punches – but since that isn’t stated I am left thinking that Aaron is just a lazy writer.  Nevermind the fact that the Hulk isn’t the kind of vigilante that murders the bad guys in cold blood.

The main bad guy is a large humanoid dog – and personally, I hate when people try to make dogs look and have human like qualities, it always looks awkward.  This is no exception.  The thing is – the Hulk isn’t out to stop this man/dog – he’s in search of information about what Banner has been up to.  Killing the Pit Bull – the Man/Dog is just a bonus I guess.  This is only after Pit Bull shoots Hulk in the face… with syringes filled with heroin.  Syringes that can pierce the Hulk’s skin?  Refer back to my whole “Hulk being bullet proof”  section to see why this is such a bother to me.  Not to mention – who has a gun that shoots a dozen needles out?  Why would such a thing exist – except in situations where you wanted to try to kill with massive (not to mention expensive) amounts of herion.

Can I be shot in the face next? That way I don’t have to suffer through any more of Aaron’s Hulk…

This series is not even a year old and has had over a dozen different artists (none of them have been exceptional) but only one writer… one terrible writer.  I think I would have preferred the opposite – one artist with many different writers.  That way I wouldn’t feel like I am stuck in reading comics that continue to damage the integrity of the character I love so much.  Grade: F

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  1. Man, this is awful! And this is supposed to be The Hulk’s 50th Anniversary! Man, this Jason Aaron guy is worse than I essentially thought. You know what would be great for the 50th anniversary? Have Peter David come in, and fix all of these problems! I don’t care how long he would do it, but I would love for him to come in, fix the problems, and then see to it Marvel gets a decent writer to pick up after him. That’s only a dream, though… Maybe if we could get Hulk fans to send Peter letters, e-mails, messages, we could somehow convince him to try and do it! I don’t know if he could, but I don’t think the book is selling well right now, and Marvel might consider bringing in a classic, well received writer to bring up the sales. We need to at least try, so we can save any dignity The Hulk has left!

  2. Totally agree, I hate reading this hulk. It’s so hard to love a character but hate what they’re doing to him. What about how he looks? Why the #$*%&*##*& is he bald???? Dillion’s hulk looks like a tall skinny tough guy. This isn’t the hulk!!!

  3. The problem with the writing is Aaron dosen’t know, understand or respects the character he’s writing. Thor or Superman would’nt be treated like this so why should Hulk? I knew it was gonna be awful when Hulk punches a guy and his head dosen’t explode. Also Hulk would not punch a guy for fear of killing him EVEN if Hulk is holding back so he would just slap or throw him holding back. Note to Aaron-Hulk’s punch is 15 tons or more. On the artist side-Dillion should stick with DD, Pun or Deadpool like guys cuz he does not know Hulk’s anatomy. Truthfully, I can draw Hulk better than he can. See Aaron writes Hulk so bad that it makes Jeph Loeb run look fantastic (better to deal with the devil you know than the devil you don’t know). The sad thing about this is Marvel approves all this subpar stuff for print. What Marvel needs to do is get a writer who CARES about the Hulk and get Arthur Adams back as a regular artist. Also let’s bring back “INCREDIBLE” by having Hulk take on heavy hitters (not common folk villains that Cap America, Punisher or DD would take on. Dogman or Eyeball guy does not cut it for this series. Hey, you don’t see that in the pages of Thor). This Hulk run is just sad and I give it the “FINGER” as a grade

  4. I was outraged too. Hulk writing has recently been very poor at showcasing his strengths and abilities. Once upon a time it was thought the Savage Hulk’s skin was impenetrable, even Wolverine thought so. Now he’s stronger than ever and bleeding gallons from arrows, knives, needles and probably toothpicks next.

  5. Again, I say we should all try and gather people to message Peter David and Marvel! The fans must be heard!

  6. Peter David is on twitter folks.
    A message needs to be sent to Marvel as well.

    Save The Incredible Hulk!

    Peter David: @PeterDavid_PAD
    Marvel Comics: @Marvel

  7. Unfortunately Marvel only reply to positive comments on Twitter. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve even told editor Mark Paniccia on Twitter that he needs to get artists on the book that can nail the character. I mean, I thought I was reading Shrek in issue 7.1.
    And the writing.. the less said about that, the better. Marvel have really screwed up in the Hulk’s big year… not only have they not bothered with his 50th anniversary, but I feel sorry for anyone who watched the Avengers and picks this book up thinking they’ll see anything that resembles the character they saw in the film.

  8. If we are polite about it, perhaps they will respond in some way, if enough people do it. Besides, we need to at least try! Wouldn’t it just be the greatest thing in the world to have Peter David return for a small run for Hulk’s 50th Anniversary? Like I said, I don’t think the book is selling too well right now. Peter David returning to write it would bring in A LOT of cash for Marvel, since he is the best according to the fans, and just a good writer in general! We need to try! This is getting as bad, if not worse than Loeb’s run. We need to save our beloved Jolly Green Giant!

  9. Gather Hulk fans together! Spread the word! We can do it if we get enough people to join our cause! We must save The Hulk!

  10. Hah, yeah, right. Marvel has repeatedly shown this year that they do not care about the Hulk anymore. At least, not the green one. This series has been the biggest flop this year, a total disaster, yet Marvel doesn’t change a thing. Not to mention it’s, as you said, the Hulk’s 50th birthday, and I haven’t seen Marvel do a damn thing. They didn’t even put up a blurb on their website. The only thing I can do is hang on to the “Hulk Smash the Avengers” issues that were OK, and read my old back-issues over and over. I watched the Hulk die the second I read this run. It felt like I had lost a good friend.

    Yet at the same time this is going on, we have the Red Hulk, a character that is almost universally hated by Hulk fans, being put in more and more of a central role. Hulk’s spot on the Avengers has been taken by Rulk, and even his founder status in the Defenders has been brushed aside in favor of his ex-wife Bett-oops, I mean the Red She-Hulk. Speaking of which, has anyone seen the normal She-Hulk recently? Of course not, she’s been sitting on Marvel’s shelf collecting dust, only having minor features in the Avengers vs X-men storyline. It seems to me that Marvel is deliberately trying to replace Hulk, one of the “Big Five” with his much less-liked red counterpart. As to WHY they would want to do that, don’t ask me.

    It saddens me to think that the Hulk, a character I have loved since my childhood, is being deliberately eschewed by Marvel, the very company that created him. I would not like to believe that this is happening, but with all the evidence against me, I am forced to conclude that for some reason, Marvel no longer likes the Hulk. And the worst part is, we can’t do anything to stop it. Most of Marvel’s income is from movies and TV these days, and honestly I don’t think it would make a difference to them is a few disgruntled fans stop buying a book. Marvel is a business, first and foremost, and like most businesses, the happiness of their customers come second to their income. It’s sad, but true.

    1. I agree. I do not care what haircut the Hulk has, just draw him better. The red hulk is a total insult to the character…and just a show of how much the creators of these story lines have no original thoughts, whatsoever. RE-LAUNCH PLEASE. Quesada HAS TO GO.

  11. Totally totally agree. As for Peter David coming back, highly unlikely. Both times marvel was mistreating PD. I read in an interview with PD discussing his last run, he got into it with marvel and when he left they said ” don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” I’m not making this up, I’ll look through my stuff and see if I can find it. As for as Aaron’s run. I absolutely refuse to read any Hulk books until he leaves. In my opinion, ALL of marvel’s titles SUCK! Well, okay most of them. I disagree with 465 a little, Thor is being mistreated in his book. His dialogue is way out of character! Hulk is worse though. Hulk needs a good writer but I’m not confident marvel has anymore good writers.

  12. Ya Ratchet. Just lazy writing and terrible drawing. Seriously, a Hulk punch would smash a normal person, Mexican, whatever, into mush pulp to outer space. This Dillon penciler is insulting, on top of that the coloring is inconsistent. Marvel is trying to destroy the Hulk from having a decent book. All we need is someone who can draw well for a long run. I think Aarons ideas are kind of interesting, honestly. Doom as an enemy is refreshing, just the drawing is sucking . It’d be great if Hulk ripped off Red’s head, at some point. or else a re launch for the entire universe with no red’s, beta rays etc….

  13. I like the Mcguinness variant, Hulk’s face needs improvement though and why is spiderman in it? Spiderman’s a cool character but it’s obvious an avenger movie cast variant so he doesn’t need to be in it. Sorry spidey fans.

  14. Peter David has done work for Marvel since the end of his 12 year run on the series, in fact he did The End: Hulk. I know that I may be sounding desperate, and down right crazy trying to start some kind of movement, but I don’t want to see Hulk fall into obscurity like this! We as the fans should try and help bring him back to greatness! He’s become really popular since The Avengers came out, and we could use that to our advantage!

  15. You don’t sound desperate, you just want your favorite character given his well deserved respect, and Peter David writing again is your idea how. Which is a good idea, I think we all agree Peter David needs to write Hulk again, He’s the right choice to make him incredible again. Or least a writer who knows and loves the character and with an outstanding artist.

  16. I would say Dale Keown, but getting Peter David ALONE is a bit of a dream, so Keown would be stretching things a bit… Speaking of trying to bring David back to The Hulk, wouldn’t it be awesome if he had written that issue of Hulk Smash The Avengers with Joe Fixit in it? That would have made the issue even cooler, and as it was, I thought it was great!

  17. I haven’t read it yet, I’m waiting to get it in trade paperback. I’ve seen previews of it and so far the series seems pretty cool.

  18. Eh, if you ask me, there are only two issues worth picking up. The last one has Red Hulk instead of Bruce in any way shape or form, which really made me angry. But really, I would suggest you just pick up issues 1 and 4 (I think 4 is the one with Fixit, don’t remember.). 3 is actually ok, now that I give it some though, but 2 was nothing great. I do wish they had kept the style of art used in issue 1 exclusively through the series, though. It really added a nostalgic feeling to it.

  19. I saw preview art for one issue, it might be #2 but not sure, the art reminded me of deodato a little bit.

  20. Or issue 1, because there’s the fixit issue, the one with defalco/frenz, and red hulk. The remaining issue is the one that reminded me of deodato.

  21. Yes, the writing is horrible. The art even more so. It pains me to see the Hulk looking like Mister Clean, except Mister Clean might actually be a bit bigger than the Hulk with the way Dillon draws him! Adding insult to injury, all the cover art always looks great. Why can’t the inside art match?! Anyway, get Dillon and Aaron off this book pronto! Especially Dillon. For some reason I can take bad writing a bit better than bad art. BTW, I doubt Peter David would come back anytime soon; when he left the last time, he said he had to non-Hulk work for the sake of his career.

    1. You know what…David not wanting to write Hulk is kind of….insulting. I think Pak’s Hulk was the precipice of Hulk’s coolness. Downward to crap since…….Chris Claremont would be a great choice too….I mean, my god, can’t Marvel get an edgy cool artist to draw him?! Marvel Hates Hulk….

      1. Though, I do say that Pak got lazy with issues after Planet Hulk. I think all this stupid ery is the fault of Quesada……Loeb has to have his ass kicked.

      2. I agree: Pak’s stories – especially 600-635 – were fun, enjoyable reads. These stories, though? Nah.

      3. I loved Pak’s second run – it gave us highs and lows – but one thing is for sure – it was coming from a writer who KNEW how to write the Hulk!

  22. Yeah, I am starting to see why my idea sounds a little ridiculous now… I really wish SOMEONE would just step in and stop this Aaron guy! David, Pak, SOMEBODY! We need to save The Hulk!

  23. It’s not ridiculous! Just unlikely, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do. We can gripe till we’re red in the face but marvel doesn’t care. They only care about money, and while it is true Hulk’s sales is dropping, his trades will most likely make for it and marvel will be happy. Take Ironman for example, look at all his popularity thanks to the movies, but his comic sales suck and matt fraction sucks and yet he hasn’t left the title after his…….4(?) year run. As long as marvel gets enough money, Marvel. Doesn’t. Care. So the odds of Aaron leaving soon is unlikely.

    1. I have a lot of Iron Man books from when he went alcoholic. The fact that another person like Rhodes could don the armor is ridiculous and confusing to me. Why could Marvel not give him a reason to have to wear the armor like Stark has to…. to live.

  24. Believe me, I’m 100% sure that everyone who has commented so far could write a better Hulk story with no effort than Aaron could with all of his effort. Like Ratchet has said, he needs to stick to The Punisher. He just doesn’t understand Hulk, and can’t write a good story about him, no matter how hard he tries.

  25. Or Ghost Rider, his run was pretty good, that’s why when I first found out he was writing I was like hey this might be good, couple issues later………not so much.

  26. Issue 1 of Aaron’s run is probably the only good issue. I actually liked it, it just went drastically down hill from there. like I said in a previous post however, I doubt he’s going to leave anytime soon, I read an interview with him on newsarama where he said he wants to be one of those writers with a long run, it’s been a while since I read it. As long as the stupid critics praise it and marvel gets their money from trades marvel’s happy. This is why I now hate marvel, I like the characters of course, I just hate marvel as a company. No longer a marvel fan and doubt I will ever support it again. I’ll just collect Hulk.

  27. Just thought you’d all like to know. I asked Tom Brevoort on Twitter last night if Marvel had any plans for the Hulk’s 50th anniversary, to which he replied “I’m afraid the Hulk’s anniversary has already passed at this point I’m afraid.”. While I appreciated Tom’s reply, I had to tell him how disappointed I was in Marvel for dropping the ball like this. The Hulk is one of their biggest and most recognisable characters… being a selling point to their Avengers movie, and to not acknowledge an event like this just proves that the company doesn’t care for the character. :o/

  28. At least DC doesn’t do this kind of crap. They respect their fans and characters way more than Marvel does. Marvel really lost their touch after the 90’s, if you ask me. I mean, yeah there were things like Planet Hulk, WWH, and the rest of Pak’s work, but come on…

  29. The best thing about Pak’s run is that he developed the character, showcased how strong he can become and how unlimited his power is, introduced a lot of likable new characters, wrote some of the most epic story arcs with the character to date, and put him in stressful/overwhelming situations where you really worried about Hulk, and were concerned about his and his company’s safety. I wish Pak would return…. He did a good job at cleaning up some of Loeb’s crap, so why not Aaron?

  30. Pak was awesome, I just wasn’t a fan of the multiple Hulks. Now some blame Loeb for that, remember Pak and Loeb collaborated together on the Fall of Hulks and World War Hulks story. I did like the stories (yes even Loeb’s) I just didn’t like alot of Hulks. Loeb’s run is 10 times better than Aaron’s. Pak’s Planet Hulk is my favorite story ever, but after issue 611 it went downhill. Good on the ideas but needed to be better on the follow through.

    1. I blame Marvel for pushing Pak away just so they could use the Hulk in Fear Itself (which started strong, but ended horrible) and then decided to place Jason Aaron on the title to ruin it. Greg Pak’s work on the Hulk, like Peter David’s work on the character, was awesome and really defined who The Hulk/Bruce Banner are. Even Pak’s later stories were good and entertaining, which is more than can be said of Jason Aaron’s run thus far. I still believe Marvel pushed Pak away from the Hulk. The slightly rushed storylines and the twice-a-month shipping of the series after Incredible Hulk #611 is definitive proof of that.

      A team of Hulks had immense potential. It could have been an epic series that could have lasted a few years, if Marvel had not pushed Pak away and forced him to rush his work before he could perfect it. I never really minded having She-Hulk, Skaar, A-Bomb, Lyra, Red She-Hulk and Red Hulk around. Not at all.

      I can only hope and pray that the upcoming animated series, “Hulk: Agents of SMASH”, will take advatage of this potential that Greg Pak placed before them and gives us an excellent series in the vein of A:EMH & JL:U.

  31. One thing I did love on Pak’s run………Hulk had his credit, almost unstoppable! Zeus excluded, sorry to bring up that old wound.

  32. To me, having Banner, his cousin, and his son (Skarr) is enough. But then they bring in a RED Hulk. Ok, things are getting a little ridiculous, but I can stomach it… Then they introduce a RED SHE-HULK…. That’s when I decided things were REALLY out of hand. And what’s worse is that they made the Red Hulk character General Ross. Why would you take such a popular new character, and reveal him to be one of the worst, most unlikable characters in comic book history? I will always hate Red Hulk just by the fact that he is General Ross. And I’m not even going to get on the subject of Red She-Hulk, A.K.A. Betty Banner….

    1. When it comes to purchasing anything that has to do with red as a title character…NOPE….I am even boycotting the Avengers…Have to buy Hulk, of course..darn….Saying it again…RE-LAUNCH PLEASE…Quesada and Loeb SUCK!…JUST IDIOTIC….RUINING MY FUN..

  33. Hey Logan about you seeing the avengers episodes with red hulk and beat ray, I agree, the only disagreement for me personally is I like Beta Ray, but I didn’t appreciate Thor being weak. He is the only character in the series who says ” he/she is too powerful”. And Hulk needing help against red was dumb, anyone notice after the breakout 2 parter it’s like Hulk got weaker? But I noticed on wikipedia a future episode called ” the deadliest man alive” which is a Hulk story basically saying he’s really pissed about what the skrull cap did and he’s on a rampage. Here’s hoping Hulk get’s his credit, just don’t defeat Thor. One time with the Hulk vs dvd was enough, it has to be a draw. It’s always been a draw and supposed to be a draw. I know I know this is a Hulk website but I like Thor too, I can’t help defending him. Just hopefully none of my defending starts an arguing debate.

    1. Yeah HulkandThor. My other complaint is that why does Marvel create new story arcs around cool, original, villains such as Juggernaut, Red Skull or Thanos, to have conflicts against Hulk and Thor. I appreciate, by the way how Aaron handled Doom,…. just he had to create a bunch of new Gammas!!!….. No More Gammas Please…… I would be cool with bringing back, or a new design of, Pineapple THING. This red stuff is just another reason that dissuades me from buying the Marvel books I used to. Disagree with you about Beta Ray….He sucks….Captain America should be the only other worthy..maybe Surfer too….That would be it in my MU….(Not to mention all the dumb mutant character s and ideas. I have not bought X-Men for years.) Just want to read Hulk and Thor re-established as the most bad ass characters in the MU. No reds…and maybe no Abominations, She Hulks or even Leaders…Thor vs. Surfer and Galactus was cool….Again, WHY CAN’T BANNER/ THE HULK BE A UNIQUE CHARACTER WHO CAN ONLY ABSORB GAMMA RADIATION?!! EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD DIE FROM IT, DUMB ASS MARVEL!!! Use the cool original characters that drew me and other readers and stop with the spin-offs…..Not buying it…and now hating..

      1. Meant to say why does Marvel NOT create more stories about Juggernaut, Thanos, Doom, etc. vs. Hulk and Thor…..beta ray and red hulk are crap.

  34. Quesada will always suck in my mind for One Last Day…. He will never be forgiven for that garbage. Marvel really needs to get their act together. Maybe instead of boycotting the current Hulk book, we should focus on boycotting Quesada and Loeb, and Marvel as a whole.

  35. Just a thought, but now that Disney owns Marvel, what if we brought the complaints directly to Disney? I guarantee 100% they would do nothing, but it’s worth a try….

  36. You know, everyone is complaining and blaming everything on disney, but all disney does is assist with budget, they do not influence the comics nor their stories, so I don’t think it’s fair to disney for everyone who is disappointed with marvel to blame disney, marvel sucked and had horrible stories well before disney got involved. Marvel sold to disney because they wanted to stop contracting to other companies to produce their movies and animation, they believed both companies would benefit from this merging. Stan Lee himself approved. If fans want to blame anyone , blame marvel for letting money getting to their heads and getting greedy and making stupid decisions. I am not a disney fan, but I don’t like blaming others for what is not their fault even more.

  37. Yeah, I know. Disney has done nothing to harm Marvel whatsoever. I’m in high school myself, and some kid who didn’t know what they were talking about was yapping away about how Marvel was ruined because Disney bought them. I said “Honestly, they have owned Marvel for almost three years now, and they have done nothing except helpful things to the company. You don’t know what you are talking about, so don’t say anything”. Really, we’ve gotten this conversation way off track. I think we need to get back on the subject of how much this comic sucks, and that we need to try and save Hulk. Lolololol.

    1. About Disney…Nope….. they are just generic cheese, for the most part….Tron, the first one, is cool, but I had to watch Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Bamby, when I was in elementary school, but I have no desire to view any of their past animation, actually I avoid them at all cost. Just not a cutting edge company.

  38. Yeah, maybe I went out of line a little, it’s just how I personally feel. The thing about comics is they have phases. One phase the stories and artwork is awesome the other they absolutely suck. Hulk is just in a bad phase right now, Bruce Jones’ run didn’t last forever neither will Aaron, we as Hulk fans just need to be patient. Who knows, a couple years from now Hulk could be the best comic on the shelf and the #1 selling title. Let’s just be patient.

  39. Bruce Jones is like GOLD compared to Aaron… But what loganblue makes a lot of sense. Marvel needs to STOP with these stupid spin-off characters, and should focus on the completely unique characters they have had established for over 50 years! We don’t need a RED Hulk, we’ve already got a HULK, who has always been one of the most unique comic book characters out there! They don’t need to keep copying and pasting, like they continue to do!

  40. It is for that exact reason why I hate dc more than marvel. WAY TOO MANY COPYCAT CHARACTERS! Too many supermen, batmen, green lanterns and flashes and so on. Gold compared to Aaron huh? It’s a debate to be sure. Both writers knew nothing about the characters, yet Bruce Jones not only knew nothing he RUINED characters, need I go further than Abomination, turning someone who TRULY loved nadia to an abusive husband? I could go on and on but there may be Bruce Jones fans reading this and I don’t want to upset them. Perhaps Aaron will get better, than again perhaps not. But for here and now, he is easily among the absolute worst writers to write the Hulk. I can easily accept a return from Loeb than continue with Aaron’s bs. Though Loeb’s run to me wasn’t all that bad.

  41. Comparing Loeb and Aaron’s writting is like saying “Which is the lesser evil?”…. Honestly I love DC, though. I only really read stuff with Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern, and the copycats don’t really come into play as much as they used to. Not only that, but they have worked hard over the past 20 or 30 years trying to distinguish them from their copy cats, and it has worked for some of them rather well. Marvel started out great, but they have seriously deteriorated since the 90’s. It’s the sad truth, where as DC has been doing something of the opposite in my opinion. Something I sometimes wish Marvel would borrow from DC is rebooting their universe. That could do wonders for some of their problems, but it could also cause even MORE problems. I have mixed opinions on that idea as a whole, but sometimes I wish it would happen when I read crap like the stuff Aaron writes. Some of their characters could really use a fresh new start, you know? Oh well, I am way off subject at this point, just thought I would share my opinion on Marvel vs. DC at the current times.

  42. Marvel does need a reboot, that’s one of the things I strongly agree with loganblue. But at the same time I remember last time marvel rebooted, in Heroes Reborn which, besides the artwork, absolutely SUCKED! I think, though I wasn’t born at this time, as far as stories go marvel was at it’s best in the 70’s. It was all original, very classic, not too many (if any) copycat characters, and was written by writers who knew the characters, and my personal favorite Hulk run, though also to the early eighties. I’m not saying I don’t like Peter David, he had excellent stories, just very little of the Savage Hulk. I’m not a big fan of the “Merged” Hulk. Though I loved the stories. I reread all the Hulk books from his origin to current and it was the 70’s which I enjoyed the most, particular Sal Buscema’s run, and the last half of Herb Trimpe’s. Have the artwork of today with the classic and iconic stories and style of the 70’s. I know some may find this dumb but this is my personal opinion.

  43. One more thing I liked about the 70’s, marvel kept it simple, there was Hulk and there was banner. No mindless Hulk, no merged Hulk, no devil Hulk, no grey Hulk besides his origin (sorry Logan!), no green scar, no worldbreaker, no multiple personalities!!!! There was just…..Hulk. Ok the 60’s obviously did this too. Hulk is my favorite but that is the biggest thing that bugs me! All these different Hulks in the Hulk himself, not talking about the reds and the abombs and so forth. I thought at first during Planet Hulk it was the Savage Hulk getting smarter but nnnnooooooo it’s another different personality! I’m going to make alot of fans mad when i say this but it’s peter david’s fault, there were no multiple Hulk’s before he wrote it. Okay the grey Hulk came back during Al Milgrom’s run but it was PD who turned it into a multiple personality disorder and made the Hulk the complicated character he is today! Okay no more negativity from me, sorry if i upset anyone. I do like Peter David, I just don’t like what he did to the character although Hulk’s popularity and sales soured during this time. i just want it back simple, ONE HULK, ONE PERSONALITY!!

    1. I understand what you are saying, but I personally like the multiple versions of the character. It helps keep him unique and fresh, and there is a personality that different people can enjoy. Merged was my favorite incarnation, but Paul Jenkins kind of ruined him. But along with the Merged Hulk, I love Grey Hulk and Wordbreaker. They add so much depth and fascination to the character. To me, Peter David will always be the greatest Hulk writer. Nobody will ever match him.

    2. Besides, there were only three incarnations during David’s run. Savage, Grey, and Banner, and he decided to merge them together to make a new, refreshed version of the character, which is where Merged comes in. Then the Banner side of his personality is stripped away after the Onslaught battle, and is sent in the Heroes Reborn universe, leaving the Hulk with just a merged version of Savage and Grey. Paul Jenkins is the one who introduced the idea of there being thousands of Hulks inside Banner’s brain, not David. I think it would be more fair for you to blame Jenkins for there being too many incarnations.

  44. I am so happy to find like-minded people here. I thought, just for a second, that the real Hulk was back…then…disaster after disaster…culminating in this big pile of WTF!

  45. Well, I can see how different hulks makes him unique and makes for different stories, but look at most of the other comic characters. They’re simple and one personality. The only thing they have is another person taking their identity. I do, repeat do like Peter David. Yes Paul Jenkins created the thousands of Hulks but my point is this: With the exception of Al Milgrom bringing back the Grey Hulk (I do like the Grey Hulk by the way), before Peter David wrote the Hulk there was only one Hulk. The Savage Hulk (besides the times when Banner was in control and omitting his origin of being grey). He was simple and easier to keep up with. I hate the fact that whenever a new writer comes in or Hulk is guest starring somewhere I’m wondering “Is it the Savage Hulk, Green Scar, or is Banner in control again?” I respect you for liking this change and liking the Merged Hulk, I just miss it when things were so simple. There was one Hulk. If it takes killing all personalities or rebooting the marvel universe and the Hulk stayed grey (would prefer green however), I would gladly accept it. Just don’t make him like the Ultimate Hulk. Completely HATE the Ultimate Hulk, I wish the Ultimate Thor would hurry up and rip his head off and burn his body to crisp with a lightning bolt, put his ashes in a bottle, piss in it, and throw it to the sun!!!! And put his head on the wall as his trophy!!

    1. The only thing I dislike about Ultimate Hulk is the cannibalism part. That was just stupid and weird… But I stopped reading Ultimate comics after The Ultimates 2 anyway, because they were getting bad after that (Jeph Loeb strikes again!). But I understand where you are coming from. Return to the more basic ideals of the original character, a man who is haunted by the monster within. A lot of what made the show in the 1970’s so memorable and great was that ideal, which was the main focus in the comics for the most part at the time. but at the same time, characters evolve. Look at Batman for example. In really early comics, he killed criminals in almost every issue. But now killing criminals, even as insane and evil as Joker, is a big no no. I would imagine if this is the basic version of the Hulk character you enjoy most, I think you would really enjoy the first 3 issues of Hulk Smash Avengers, especially the 1st, since it has a very old school vibe to it.

  46. Batman killed in earlier issues? Wow! I did not know that! I actually read less ultimates than you, I stopped after issue #5 on ultimates 1. I absolutely could not stand it! I never considered the Hulk as the monster between Banner and the Hulk. I’ve hated Banner from the start. Poor, poor pitiful banner whose life has been ruined by the Hulk. He tried to play God by tampering with forces he shouldn’t have, built the gamma bomb to supposedly help people, gets punished for it and blames the Hulk. He’s too stupid to look in the mirror and see the face of the one truly responsible. Hulk’s no saint, but he’s more the victim than Banner. You know, eventually this conversation will get back on the original topic. All this is mostly my fault anyway. It’s just nice to let off once and while, hopefully Ratchet doesn’t get too upset over all my negativity. Please, anyone, if I’m getting too offensive or getting on your nerves let me know, I’ll back off. This is really just the only place I can talk about Hulk’s comics is express my opinion.

    1. It’s fine, you’re just giving your opinion, which is valued in this conversation. We’re all talking about The Hulk, and what makes him so great at the end of the day. Hopefully Marvel will just realize Aaron sucks, and replace him with someone really good. In the end, all that matters is Hulk getting the good writter he deserves.

  47. Well, the critics and marvel love Aaron’s run thus far and have done nothing but praise it, I think we’ll be waiting awhile.

  48. The Hulk FANS need to be heard! Who cares about some tool critics who don’t know anything about Hulk? We need to put them and Marvel in their place!

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