Avengers Hulk Chibis (2012)

Hulk Chibis

I had seen these little things all over the place – of course – as I have said many times – I hate the whole blind package thing.  I refused to get sucked into buying any packages, especially for $3 a package, because I knew if bought even one I would end up buying more.  Then, on one of my trips into Wal*Mart to see about the exclusives I saw a box of these – with a $.97 price tag… an obvious mistake – but a mistake in my favor!  Amazingly – with 6 bags left and 3 figures in each pack – I only got one Hulk.  No Captain America, but… I got a Hulk!

Assemble! Except you Loki…


6 responses to “Avengers Hulk Chibis (2012)

  1. hulkandthor#1!

    Is Hawkeye winking?

    • Yes, yes he is

      • Maybe Hawkeye should have one eye too. Almost like a Cyclops thing. Just an aiming thing…..Give him a bit a character, since he has no powers….. Liking how the Phoenix Force has affected the X-men 5 in AVX…. Cyclops is in need of a power up…please. Why can’t Cyclops have the most powerful energy power in the universe?! Just like the Hulk with his strength should be?

  2. hulkandthor#1!

    I hope you can find Cap, omitting the costume he was one of the best characters in the movie.

  3. I like how the Hulk looks. This is how his eyes should be drawn. …. Marvel hates the real Hulk….. All the rest look cool too…… Damn no Cap!

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