Avengers Hulk Build-A-Bear (2012)

Hulk Build-A-Bear

My daughter and I went to Build-A Bear… with the sole intention of getting a Hulk bear!  Listen, I know, I heard it from my wife – she’s a girl, who wants girlie things, but actually – the bear will be a Cinderella Bear soon enough.  I just had to get the little Hulk outfit though… it’s hilarious!


Build-A-Bear is still pretty expensive – and this bear was no different – but there is something about watching your child pick out the kind of bear they want – watching as it gets filled up with stuffing, almost coming alive before their very eyes, and then they dress them up and take them home.  If you have kids then I highly suggest going – even if it’s just once.  It’s something you will never forget!  Especially when you see this:

Nothing beats this

2 responses to “Avengers Hulk Build-A-Bear (2012)

  1. Question to you and any other collectors out there….do you open your action figures or keep them sealed? If so why on each. I have no plans on ever selling my Hulk stuff but I find it hard to open some of them like the bigger nicer stuff like the Marvel Selects. Don’t know why….also do you plan on doing any more videos Ratch?

  2. hulkandthor#1!

    Love the picture, you lucky guy you.

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