Avengers Hulk Build-A-Bear (2012)

Hulk Build-A-Bear

My daughter and I went to Build-A Bear… with the sole intention of getting a Hulk bear!  Listen, I know, I heard it from my wife – she’s a girl, who wants girlie things, but actually – the bear will be a Cinderella Bear soon enough.  I just had to get the little Hulk outfit though… it’s hilarious!


Build-A-Bear is still pretty expensive – and this bear was no different – but there is something about watching your child pick out the kind of bear they want – watching as it gets filled up with stuffing, almost coming alive before their very eyes, and then they dress them up and take them home.  If you have kids then I highly suggest going – even if it’s just once.  It’s something you will never forget!  Especially when you see this:

Nothing beats this

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2 thoughts on “Avengers Hulk Build-A-Bear (2012)

  1. Question to you and any other collectors out there….do you open your action figures or keep them sealed? If so why on each. I have no plans on ever selling my Hulk stuff but I find it hard to open some of them like the bigger nicer stuff like the Marvel Selects. Don’t know why….also do you plan on doing any more videos Ratch?

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