11 thoughts on “Video for You!

  1. Nice vid, nice stuff, please read Hulk smash avengers and do a review soon, I’m curious if it’s worth reading. I’m upset about Red Hulk being in the last issue though, (Logan keep calm ok buddy).

  2. In regards to your comment about Rulk, I think that maybe Marvel is doing the Green Lantern thing in which there are 4 earth born GL’s- Hal, Steward, Kyle and Guy with the same GL title (like 3 She-Hulk’s). By the way that was the other Hulk fig I was talking about a while back (do nothing Hulk). Looking at that cardboard Hulk behind you reminds me, did you pick-up that life size cardboard stand of the Hulk at TRS? Here’s some other Avengers Hulk items that I picked up- transforming Hulk car, Hulk candy fan, Hulk eye swim wear, Hulk Large bobble head and hero clix Hulk so far besides what you mention. I’m still hunting down Walmart Hulk fig. Oh and nice VID, keep it coming 🙂

    1. I have pretty much all of those things you mentioned – I will be getting the promo stuff from TRU as well!

  3. Actually last 2 issues of Hulk Smash are the best. The rest were kinda MEH.. Hawkeye was featured ALOT in that series it almost felt like a Hawkeye/Hulk Marvel Team Up he was in the first 3 issues so much.

  4. Hey Ryan-love that Target HULK display-I went to 4 Target stores-spoke to the managers-asked if I could buy it from them(when they were going to take it down),all said “no”…a bit jealous that you have it-did you pick-up the AVENGERS/RUFFALO/HULK/NECA bobble-head yet?It looks really cool-saw photos of it,don’t know if it’s been released yet-…andIH #8 was just awful-my 8th grade students draw the HULK better.Terrible art and a stupid Man/Dog villain…just plain BAD! Did Corry give you the Dr, Pepper HULK/AVENGERS soda cans?-Take care-Mike

  5. I also called about 5 target stores and all but one told me they had to send it back. One did take my info so they could check, so hopefully it works out.

    Aaron’s Hulk run is horrible. Hopefully marvel will catch on soon. I did enjoy the Hulk Smash series. 1 and 4 were my favorites.

  6. Good pulls on the merchandise. Room looks cool. Hate Walmart but will go there if need. Khakis do look weird on Hulk….Saw the red and beta ray on Avengers EMH cartoon…just terrible…making Hulk and Thor out to be weak, needing Avengers to bail them out….I just want to strangle Quesada and Loeb. Aaron definitely does not know the Hulk character. How do these people get hired. Positive energy anyways….Peace and Smash…also TRON.

  7. How in the heck did you get the hulk display from Target? I tried getting the hulk display from the Target in my town but the store employee said that it is illegal for them to give away licensed displays. I’m starting to think that he was just blowing smoke up my butt.

    1. That line is a lie – but the company who makes the promotional material – AND the companies like Target and WalMart got wise to most of the people taking these kind of pieces and posting them on ebay and getting outrageous money for them. I don’t blame the companies for wanting that to stop – they weren’t making the promo stuff for other people to just take it and make a ton of money off of them.

      I have a friend who works there – and he knows I wouldn’t sell it – he knows I wanted it for my Hulk room. That’s how I was able to snag it.

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