Is it my Birthday… Again????

According to the article in the above link – thanks MrMordrid – Aaron will be ending his Hulk run – thank goodness!  Although Paniccia saying “Jason’s got a really great handle on the character and is building a conclusion to his run” is infuriatingly ridiculous.  Great handle on which character?  Because it isn’t the Hulk – that’s for sure.  This run will go down as one of worst in history!

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14 thoughts on “Is it my Birthday… Again????

  1. YES!!!!!!! No more Aaron! But……… will someone even worse take over, or a slim to none chance Hulk will get an excellent writer and bring up Hulk’s sales? A big year for the Hulk? Coming from marvel means we can expect the worst.

  2. Yes! God has answered my prayers! Now listen up Marvel! Get us an excellent writer who actually understands and respects The Hulk/Bruce Banner! Someone like that of Peter David and Greg Pak! We don’t need nor want another Jason Aaron or Bruce Jones!!!

    Get your head in the game, Marvel!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  3. YESSSSS!!!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!! MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!!!! FAREWELL, AARON, AND DON’T YOU EVER COME BACK!!!!!! VICTORY IS OURS, THE FANS!!!!!!! I guess Marvel realized all the points everyone was making on that issue 8 post… This was possibly the WORST run we have ever seen for Hulk by far, with the only other run comparable being Jeph Loeb’s (Lesser of two evils situation, and I still say Loeb is the worst….)…. This is a great day, indeed! This news just fills my heart with rainbows and miracles! I guess that just leaves speculation as to who is going to write the book next… I really wish Greg Pak would pull off what David did, and write it for 12 years, but I don’t think he is coming back anytime soon… Maybe they will announce it soon.

  4. Greg Pak is doing a signing in London on Saturday June 16 at Orbital Comics at 4pm – anyone in the area please go ask him to start writing Hulk again 🙂

  5. Heh, and here I’ve been saying Aaron probably won’t be leaving anytime soon. Not that I’m complaining, sometimes it’s nice to be wrong.

  6. I would think that it is likely that Jeff Parker would be taking over the title. Which hopefully will mean some old/new villains considering that most of Hulk’s usual rogues gallery is either depowered or dead. But I doubt Red Hulk is dead since he is featured in Agents Of S.M.A.S.H.. Btw what the hell does that standard for anyway?

  7. I don’t know or care. That show sounds and looks stupid beyond belief… That would be interesting if Jeff Parker took over. He is a good writter, to my understanding, and I know he’s been doing Red Hulk for a while now. Maybe he could clean up Aaron’s mess…

  8. Jeff would write interesting stories, I really like his Red Hulk run, however, I highly doubt it would help Hulk’s sales. I am hoping for the best, just not expecting a lot. Man I’m so curious! Who’s gonna write Hulk? I so BADLY want his comic good again!

  9. *Does a little dance and makes a little noise* Excellent news! Now if only they can get a good, consistent artist as well. I was really digging Lee Weeks’ covers on Hulk Smash Avengers. I wouldn’t mind seeing him take on the book for awhile again.

  10. I was about to post about that. I will still get it, but it’s ridiculous they have already made a Hulk based off a run that is neither popular, doing well in sales, or is written very well either. Not to mention it isn’t even a year old… I wish they would have made Joe Fixit, or Maestro. Hell, another Hulk villain would be cool, like Madman, Bi-Beast, Leader, or maybe just a Hulk that is a little different. They are so quick with all of these green Hulks, so why no Grey variations? There aren’t even variants that are grey, so I say they should make a Joe Fixit, or just a Grey Hulk based on Todd Mcfarlane’s art. THAT would be AWESOME!

  11. Yes, indeed! I hope Parker takes this book over. Seriuosly, Parker is an underappreciated writer. His work on Thunderbolts (Dark Avengers) is well worth the read.

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