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Avengers Hulk Figure (2012)

Avengers Hulk

I mentioned this in the video – but these new Avengers figures are certainly nothing to crow about.  Don’t get me wrong – the sculpt is pretty decent – and the coloring looks pretty good too – the issues come when you look at the articulation.  The head (hardly) moves, as does the arms at the shoulders and the legs at the waist but that’s it.  No wrist, knee, ankle or even elbow joints.  It is one of the laziest action figures I think I have seen from Hasbro in a long while.

Hulk… not too impressive

Even worse is the fact that they are releasing these to comic shops only – and of course their mark up is more substantial than a national chain – so these figures are running about $15 – $20.  Had I not been inflicted with such a sick obsession I wouldn’t have bothered picking this up – but alas… I did.  I do like the sculpt, like I said, so if you’re as big as a Hulk fan as I am maybe it’s worth the pick up.  Otherwise, the grade: C-