The Incredible Hulk #9 (2012) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #9

Well, here’s the good news – I read this issue and didn’t hate it.  Not completely, anyways.  Aaron has Banner as the catalyst to all of Hulk’s adventures lately, unlike in the past where Banner is picking up the pieces of the Hulk’s outings.  It sort of reminds me of the Fixit era when Banner and Hulk were playing off each other – causing the other personality to try and do damage control.  Here, though, Banner is the evil genius playing a little cat and mouse game with Hulk,  while all the Hulk wants to know is what Banner is up to.  Aaron has made the Banner personality a sick, twisted mad doctor bent on driving the Hulk crazy.  Like a maniacal two-faced Joker who takes pleasure in out smarting himself.

Could this be a reference to Tempest Fugit?

While the Hulk was acting a little more himself in this issue it still read a little stale.  The Hulk started acting a little more himself (is it because, since the new series began, the Hulk and Banner are back together again?) a little boasting – and performing fantastic tasks.  It was good to see the Hulk recall his past powers too – like adapting to breathe underwater.

What black mash?

The black mash inhalation reminded me of the feats performed in Planet Hulk too – so all in all – a pretty decent issue.  I also liked the slight twist at the end.  Betrayal is always a great turnabout at the end. At the heels of the last issue it is a nice surprise – but still, as the second part in an already shady storyline I will give it a pretty decent grade of C-

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20 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk #9 (2012) – The Review

  1. Well, it’s nice to see Aaron’s getting a little better. Weird having Thor artwork though. Cover is good. I still wish Hulk would get his hair back. You know, at first I was against the whole adapting to breathe underwater thing, I didn’t want Hulk to be like the early Superman, having too many abilities. But as I was reading through the old stan lee issues, Hulk was breathing and speaking underwater. I was thinking oh okay, not a new ability. Now if only Hulk would get his old DURABILITY back, you know, back when wolverine’s claws couldn’t cut him, when he rarely bled. That was the biggest thing I hated in Pak’s run, Hulk bled too much. I understood Planet Hulk, he was weakened and their weapons were alot sharper. But in every story arc he bled like a newly dug oil rig! He has a 7 durability! As in nearly indestructible! Sorry, got off subject again. Let’s just hope Aaron keeps getting better.

  2. Yeah, he needs his durability back… Wolverine should be nothing more than a ragdoll for Hulk to toss around. I must admit, I am surprised to see something decent from Aaron this time around…. Hopefully the path shall stay this way until he stops writing Hulk altogether. I’m also surprised to see art that is pretty good too, BESIDES the cool covers we’ve been getting. The illustrations for the last issue was just awful…

  3. If no one minds a quick change of subject, I just watched the newest earth’s mightiest heroes episode with Hulk returning and I think it was the BEST EPISODE EVER!! My only disappointment was Hulk STILL didn’t pound the Red Hulk to the ground. It was a draw. It’s so disappointing marvel canceled this series because I doubt the new avengers assemble series will be as good.

  4. I personally don’t care about any of these new shows. Whatever happened to that project that Guillermo del Toro was working on? Are they still going to do that? Because del Toro would be perfect for Hulk, look at what he’s done for Hellboy. He’s a guy that understands the “misunderstood monster” genre. I don’t care about this Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., because it looks ridiculous, and JEPH LOEB. Nuff said there. JEPH LOEB.

    1. Because of the critical reception of the Hulk from the Avengers, one of the higher-ups said that they are thinking about having a Hulk sequel ready [at the earliest 2015] as well as the Guillermo project going full-steam ahead. BRING ON THE HULKY GOODNESS!
      P.S. Apparently they’re really close to finishing Guillermo’s project because it’s projected that the Hulk show will be ready by fall of 2013.

      1. That’s great to hear. Guillermero del Toro will bring an awesome new take on Hulk, that is for sure. I heard it won’t tie in with Marvel movie continuity, though… That is kind of disappointing to be completely honest. But it will be interesting, no doubt. I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table!

    2. I agree. While a part of me looks forward to seeing more Hulk in animation, I think this Hulk and the agents of smash will be just as stupid as the ultimate spider man series. Also, the ” Hulk family” concept was complete idiocy in the books and will be even worse in animation. WILL SOMEBODY RIP A-BOMB IN HALF ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I really miss the old Banner. You know, the one who wasn’t a COMPLETE MONSTER and who went around trying to find a cure for his condition because he was afraid that the Hulk would hurt someone. This new Banner seems to take pleasure in other people’s pain. Bruce of the good ol’ days would NEVER do that. Aaron’s Banner seems to me to be more like the Devil Hulk from the 90s. Speaking of which, whatever happened to the other Hulks? Joe Fixit, the Professor, the savage Hulk? Are they still inside of Banner (or, now that he isn’t the main character, Hulk), or have they been written out of existence for the convenience of Aaron’s convoluted out-of-character storyline?

    But, anyway, I’m glad to hear Aaron’s getting better. I still hate his writing of course. It should be interesting to see how Mark Panaccia writes himself out of the black hole that Jason has built around the character.

    1. That would be an interesting twist, actually… This “Banner” is actually the Devil Hulk. If Aaron doesn’t think of this, that would be clever of the writer succeeding him to do, if Aaron doesn’t completely screw up the character and continuity before he leaves…

  6. I think it comes down to writer’s preference on the different Hulks. Take Jeph Loeb for example, he wrote the Savage Hulk because he felt if a writer makes the Hulk smart there is no difference in character between banner and the Hulk, which I agree with him on that, though I didn’t like how he just totally threw out the green scar. Personally I hate all these multiple Hulks. Just stick to one Hulk and make it simple. Yes some people prefer a certain Hulk but it doesn’t matter because no matter what, you can’t make everybody happy. Also, no matter which incarnation, the Hulk is still marvel’s greatest character. For the foreseeable future I believe we’ll be stuck with the smarter Green Scar Hulk. I miss the Savage Hulk.

  7. I am keeping my eye on your reviews Ratchet. I, for once, believe in “voting” with my wallet. I cancelled my subscription to this…um…comic after the last fiasco of an issue. So, until I see some major upswing in your reviews, you are saving me money! Thanks!

  8. Hey Ratchet, do you know how to e mail marvel? Because I really want to e mail the Hulk editors or maybe even Joe Q himself. While I realize this will be a waste of time and marvel doesn’t care what the fans think anymore, it would help me to get some things off my chest.

      1. Agreed. Frankly, I hope Phoenix Cyclops will take out Iron Man and all the other jerk-off characters too if we’re at it!

    1. If you’ve been reading Avengers vs. X-Men, five X-Men recently became hosts for the Phoenix Force, and Cyclops was one of them.

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