Avengers Hulk Plushie (2012)

Avengers Hulk Plushie

There is only a few items that I would consider getting when they are re-released with only minor changes.  This was one of them – I really like the style of the plushies – and the pants color change was enough for me to get it.  I picked it up at a comic shop in Salem.  Yes, THAT Salem – where the women who were thought to be witches were burned and drowned and beaten… to death.  Wow, this post took a real dark turn!  Look at the cutie patootie plush Hulk!

Change -o- Pants!


One response to “Avengers Hulk Plushie (2012)

  1. The Hulk Plushie are cute….and these black stand up hair remind me of WWE supertstar Sheamus! 🙂

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