Hulk Ceramic Mug (2012)

Hulk Mug – they are getting the most out of this Trimpe illustration!

I really wish I could find some time to post more – but right now – this week and next posts will be pretty spare.  Sorry ahead of time – but there quite a few things in the works and I am having trouble finding time to even check in right now – let alone post!  I know issue #9 hits the stands tomorrow… I will really try to free up time to review that – and trust me I have a whole lot of great pieces to show off – so thanks for your patience guys!  Thanks for always checking in!  I found this ceramic mug in Framingham at Rubber Chicken Comics – there was only one Hulk in a sea of Cap and Spidey mugs so I felt lucky being able to find this!  That’s about it for now – I will try to post the review and maybe the Bowen Fixit statue review the rest of this week!  Later guys!

3 responses to “Hulk Ceramic Mug (2012)

  1. 411 Time- I know you don’t like Walmart but there’s a cool looking Hulk/Avengers party cup and B-day card that you might wanna pick up. I’m pretty sure their will be tons of Hulk/Avengers stuff coming up for the back to school season.

  2. Godzillaaaaaah!

    Bowen Fixit statue? AWW YEAH! That thing is awesome, unfortunately I don’t have 300+ dollars to spend on it. I was hoping you’d pick it up so I could at least read about it.

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