Daily Archives: July 4, 2012

WOW! There is a whole lot to talk about!

So – news is abound… rumors are flying… and none of it seems very good for Hulk fans.  One of the biggest pieces of news is the rumor that Marvel is going to re-boot the Hulk series to be more like Hulk and the Agents of Smash cartoon coming out… which is a mistake if that’s what they are in fact going to do… they already tried a Hulk family book and that went over like gangbusters!  Except that it didn’t.  Also – this isn’t a rumor – Marvel is re-launching their entire universe (again with the re-launches?  Hulk is on #9 – so not even a year and it will be re-launched) much like DC did – except it was a big deal when DC did it – because they didn’t just re-number their books out of nowhere – like Marvel does ALL THE TIME!  Now Marvel is relaunching… except they are doing over 5 months – rather than all at the same time.  Making it yet another HUGE blunder by Marvel.  Of course.  Let’s see how these things shake out – but I, for the first time, am very close to dropping comics all together.  I would still pick up my Hulk memorbilia – but I am not sure I will be buying the comics anymore…