WOW! There is a whole lot to talk about!

So – news is abound… rumors are flying… and none of it seems very good for Hulk fans.  One of the biggest pieces of news is the rumor that Marvel is going to re-boot the Hulk series to be more like Hulk and the Agents of Smash cartoon coming out… which is a mistake if that’s what they are in fact going to do… they already tried a Hulk family book and that went over like gangbusters!  Except that it didn’t.  Also – this isn’t a rumor – Marvel is re-launching their entire universe (again with the re-launches?  Hulk is on #9 – so not even a year and it will be re-launched) much like DC did – except it was a big deal when DC did it – because they didn’t just re-number their books out of nowhere – like Marvel does ALL THE TIME!  Now Marvel is relaunching… except they are doing over 5 months – rather than all at the same time.  Making it yet another HUGE blunder by Marvel.  Of course.  Let’s see how these things shake out – but I, for the first time, am very close to dropping comics all together.  I would still pick up my Hulk memorbilia – but I am not sure I will be buying the comics anymore…


18 responses to “WOW! There is a whole lot to talk about!

  1. hey Ryan-I’m kinda with you-after collecting/reading TIH title for 30 years-hate to say it but I may be done with it also-I don’t get “excited” like I used to when a new INC. HULK issue would come out, I couldn’t wait to drive to the comic shop(it was like Christmas)-Now I dread picking up a new IH book-it’s SO disappointing the HULK that I grew up with is gone…the only HULK things that keeps me going is the memorabilia/collectibles (toys,statues,whatever) …it’s really sad what Marvel is doing.

  2. I will check it out. If the writing is good I will buy it. Maybe Parker will become the Hulk universe architect. I could get behind that!

  3. Wait… is Hulk wearing a bro-zeir?

  4. Godzillaaaaaah!

    I dig this page, which book is it from, Ratchet? Do you know?

  5. Christ even spidey & wolverine got costume tweaks! Why does Hulk need Iron Man tech anyway? 90’s artist should not be allowed to do anything but draw and Im not even sure they should be allowed to do that because their art along with their ideas all hail from the 90’s. Its like they are perpetually stuck in thay era

  6. Mike & Ratchet–I’m with you. I stopped picking up Hulk regularly long ago. The statues and memorabilia are visual–but the comic is turning the Hulk into a stranger.

  7. I am going to give it a shot. I really don’t see how it can be any worse that the crapfest we have going on now in the book. When you have Bruce being an evil, mad scientest, I welcome any and all change.

  8. If red comes into the re-launch….I am moving on to other interests.

  9. Who knows, kinda reminds of Planet Hulk for some reason – the armor, that is. Maybe they’ll be doing something new and interesting… or something horrible and dreary. You can’t really pass judgement until about 4 issues in – I mean, look at the DC fans. “Oh, they’re relaunching EVERYTHING we know and love?!” and now they’re all “BEST. SERIES. EVER.”

    • Not at all. Most of the new DC stuff has been forgettable and passable at best, and I am a big DC fan. The only thing to catch my attention was the great first 5 or 6 issues of Justice League, and they recently made a Green Lantern character gay to make money off of the gay marriage conflict throughout the country at the moment. It seems like Marvel is killing The Hulk as we know him… Not even Peter David or even STAN LEE could save him at this point… This is just awful, and I blame Loeb for everything bad happening to The Hulk right now… Everything, it all roots back to Loeb… LOEB! HULK SMASH PUNY JEPH LOEB!!!

      • To be honest, I’m not a DC fan – that’s just what I heard from a few people. I rarely actually get comics [I seriously only own about 10] and I get most of my stuff in TPB, but i don’t bother with DC. So I’ve heard that from friends and aquaintances, it’s not personal opinion.

  10. Maybe it’s just me but any Reboot is so overdue it’s probably too late and self defeating, There should have been a reboot planned for the end of “Civil War.” You can’t plan for changes that drastic to the entire Marvel Universe and not plan for a real reboot shortly after.

    Instead we got brand new day…. If that’s the kind of quality thinking ahead comics continue to get I don’t know. I can see why some of you want to throw in the towel but who knows it might not suck. Not getting my hopes up with the guys running the show over there though.

  11. I’m getting used to the disappointment and expect it. So I will be picking it up. Kind of like an addict. Also, where can I get a good description of the hulk and the agents of smash? I checked out Wikipedia and it had minimal info. Thanks!

  12. Why all the negative energy, Hulk fans?

    It might turn out great.

    Jeff Parker is an excellent writer.

    His Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts and Red Hulk titles are proof of that fact.

    He might make this book as great as anything written by either Greg Pak or Peter David.

    I’m going to remain optimistic until then.

    • I don’t think the negativity is toward Parker, Marco… I mean – Green Scar – more towards Marvel’s move to re-start the title again.

  13. Yup its official TIH 15 ends in Oct with issue 15 where he fights wait for it wait for it DOOM BOTS! Wow to end things on a wimper!

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