The Incredible Hulk #10 (2012) – The Review

Incredible Hulk #10

I wish I could keep on with my Aaron hate but, amazingly, this is the second issue in a row that I thought was pretty decent!  Although I am still reeling from Aaron’s last story arc – but this one, beginning pretty weak, has picked up nicely.  Unfortunately, it is still a re-tread of the movie Crank – but at least the single issues are interesting enough!


This issue pits Hulk against some cybernetic bears in space… and the man who has sex with them.  Nope – I am not kidding.  It had a feel of my favorite issue – #165 – and the Hulk takes on a few  robo-bears and the fat, sharp toothed man who has relations with said bears… I know I just said that – but I really can’t get past it.  He does come to a timely and fitting end though.

Dafuq did I just read?

It’s still Hulk killing without a reason to do so though… and seemingly enjoying it.  Reading Aaron’s issues it’s really hard to find people to root for.  Are we supposed to want the Hulk to take on Bruce… and win?  Is Bruce really up to something sinister?  We have no idea – we just know Hulk doesn’t want Banner to succeed because he hates him.  As he always has.  The twist, this time around, is that we are supposed to hate Bruce too – but all we know is that Bruce went a little wacky – and then the Hulk killed him.

Kraven the Hunter? The next issue should be over real quick…

Aaron’s Hulk is still a confusing and muddled mess of violence and bestiality but at least it’s somewhat more fun to read after the first disastrous arc.  Grade: D+

7 responses to “The Incredible Hulk #10 (2012) – The Review

  1. I will be the first to say that i can’t wait for the news out of comic con to find out who the new incredible hulk writer is. I really enjoyed aarons ghost rider. He to over a book that was such a mess and make it a fun ride to the finish for the book. This silly type of storytelling may fit a book like ghost rider but has no place in the hulk. My two favorite books of marvel are the punisher and hulk. I have been a fan 20 plus years. I was really unhappy that mavel would let aaron make such a mess out of what garth ennis had done for frank castle. I am even more shock that they gave him the chance to do it again to the hulk. These are to books that where hurting untill greg pak an garth ennis saved them. Other writers come onto a book and try to tell great stories.If the do then great. If they don’t then O.k. Aarons writing has a desperation to it. He wants to be apart of what these great writers have done so bad that his stories come off more like fanfiction than actual comic stories. I wish i would have not started his run of the hulk but what can i say. I will fiinish it and try my best to forget it ever happened. I sill have a hard time getting over his punisher max run and it would be alot worse if greg rucka was writing a terrible frank castle. I would like to express what a great job he is doing on the punisher and it would be great to get someone like him on the hulk. He hoping for the best for the hulk in the marvel now relaunch.


  2. Kraven……really? How about Hulk taking on one of these guys instead- Hyperion, Gladiator, Count Nefaria, Ronan, Mangog, Blastarr, Pagan, Firelord or even Hulk 2099. A story with one of these Bad moefoes would be much better. Again you don’t see Thor taking on guys like Dog man, Eye guy, Ted lover and Kraven. This is NOT the Punisher this is Hulk, the guy who destroys mountains with his fist.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more, my friend!

      Hulk needs to be fighting powerhouses like Mangog, Tyrant, Thanos, Lord Armageddon and the Tryojan Armada, Firelord, Gladiator and the Shi’ar Empire, Maestro Hulk and numerous other powerhouses. Hulk can shatter mountain ranges and planets with a single punch! Why is he being put against beings who are barely able to fight Spider-Man?!

      I hope the next writer for the next relaunch of Incredible Hulk knows how display how powerful our Green Goliath truly is, much like Greg Pak or Peter David managed to accomplish in their respective runs.

  3. I’m sorry, but what the hell?? What is with this bestiality? That is just so sick and disgusting… Even if this issue is somewhat decent, I would never purchase it, simply on that fact… Seriously that is disturbing on so many levels… And you know what bugs me the most? THIS IS HAPPENING IN THE INCREDIBLE HULK COMIC BOOK! This crap is like weird fan-fiction you would find in the deepest depths on the internet….

  4. Wow! Marvel Really Does Hate The Hulk.

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