The Re-boot Discussion…

I’ve been thinking about this issue – the fact that Marvel stays in the top tier of best selling comics by continuing to re-number books and giving us big events that all the fan boys complain about but buy anyways.  Fanboys say all they want are great stories and enough with this variant garbage – yet that’s what sells.  It makes me wonder… where are all these collections that have the first few issues of every series and variants galore?  If you ever came over to look at my collection you would see a complete run of my favorite character (variants and all) and the many, many guest appearances he’s had.  You would also see Invincible issues #6-current and the complete run of The Maxx and a few other Sam Kieth series.  Up until recently you would have also found a run of the Walking Dead #7-current.  But those have been long sold off. (My free advice of the day: If you have any Walking Dead issues – sell now – it’s like printing money!  Pick them up later when the hype dies down and the prices come back down.)  What you would not see is the beginning of every new re-boot and big event that has come our way.

I do not get why people think re-starting a series will make you want to read this character all of a sudden.  If you didn’t read Thor before, chances are, you’re not going to like reading him just because it says #1 on the cover!  Now, if a new writer or artist is what makes you want to pick up the book – that’s fine, I get THAT, but this is not what I am talking about.  I am talking about the thousands of people who pick up a new series JUST because it says #1 on the cover.  The number does not affect the content of the book – but if you look at the sales – it sure seems like it does!  So, why?  Why do people KEEP on making the same mistakes and keep buying into hype and re-numbering?

I am seriously asking here – I have no idea.  It seems the completest and loyalist of yesteryear is dead.  I miss THOSE guys.  When you were upset with the direction of a book – or an artist even – back in the day you could write a letter.  Enough letters would make our voices heard – but nowadays people are always saying “vote with your wallet”  But for that to work you would have to speak to the thousands of people who don’t already buy the book – who will all of a sudden buy it because of that nice, shiny #1 on the cover.  And you could try to talk to Marvel about it – but all they seem to see is that nice, superficial bump in sales.

15 responses to “The Re-boot Discussion…

  1. I couldn’t agree more Ratch. While I’m currently only reading 4 marvel titles, I do except that I can’t bash something I haven’t sampled. I tried to be open minded about AvX. All it took was one 4.00 issue in which the story didn’t start until pg. 7 to confirm my prediction. I’ve never, in 25 years followed the Avengers, but I’ll probably try the first issue or two of a book that has even a tiny chance of being entertaining.
    The public statements are really cracking me up so far. “This is not a reboot! We are just altering the costumes, origins and relationships of all our characters” or how about, “We at marvel don’t need to use things like alternate realities or time travel in our relaunch….. The original x-men travel from the past into the present in our hottest new title”. We’re still months out on this and they have done nothing but contradict themselves and each other thus far……. I’m sure it’ll be fabulous and perfectly executed!

  2. I don’t think anyone could have said it better than how you just did now. Things have just gotten so bad to the point I rarely even look at modern comics, and just go for the back issues EVERY TIME… It shouldn’t be like this! Marvel, DC, they ALL need to get their acts together. Really, it seems their main source of income is the movies they put out nowadays, and the video games. It’s not even the comic books anymore! At this point, I just feel like I should just say screw it, and just call it a day…

    • Time for some awesome new writers and artists create a new universe, The failure of image involved the lack of interesting characters. As well as McFarlane, Lee, Keown and etc. draw, they did not really partner with exciting writers to collaborate with, bounce ideas, and come up with unique and interesting characters.

      Ya, Mega Man X, Marvel and DC are way too slick now. All the money from films, toys, clothes, candy, disney….The characters have become brands and the quality of stories and art in mainstream comics have been neglected. I am not an underground comics guy, which image has become, or always has been…. Just too chaotic….. At least with Marvel and DC there are character familiarity and continuity The quality of the creativity once enjoyed by readers of mainstream comics has only cheapened to become sloppy and cliche.

    • Ever notice how Thor is now the prince of thunder on Avengers WMH and as a demigod in the movie. This is all due to disney. He is the God Of Thunder for crissakes.

  3. Typo That’s Waid and Yu.

  4. Theres 2 reasons why people buy number ones. They think it might be worth something and it’s a good jumping on point.. You know you won’t be starting a comic book mid story or whatever. I know I tried several of the new 52 cause of that. Never been a DC guy so not knowing where to start in there massive universe was to much. Starting at number 1s was safe though. And you may ask why people buy number ones….but I have a question for you. If it means nothing why do you hate it so much? I don’t care if it says 1 or 1000 as long as I get my monthly Hulk adventure.

    • You contradicted yourself. You say you pick on #1s as an easy jumping on point – and then you say you don’t care if it says 1 or 1000.

      But you’ve missed my point entirely if you have to ask why I care – and I am not going to repeat myself. So, if you don’t understand why re-booting comics to #1 constantly does more damage than good to the comic industry as a whole – then I don’t know what to tell you.

      • I was saying I really only see the benefits of number ones. I don’t care if Hulk says one or 1000. I am gonna buy the new Hulk book of the month no matter what. Now Batman on the other hand…a character I always have liked but never knew where to start? A shiny number one tells me this is good place to start. Yes to keep doing it is a silly sales gimmick..but if you are gonna buy Hulk anyways I don’t understand how it hurts you so badly. Other than making it slightly harder to talk about particular issues(which volume was that again? lol) It gets some more money for my favorite company and someone might start reading my favorite character cause of it…both good things. Jason Aron’s bear sex comics are gonna suck no matter what comic they are in though…..

      • I think the most infuriating thing is when comic companies went out of their way to market a new story arc – or creative team – as a great jumping on point, consumers don’t react. But they do it by putting a #1 on it and BOOM – instant sales…

  5. Rebooting back to 1 is the same as killing a character just to bring it back. Over and over. Until characters are really written to expire we the public will be “fools” over and over.

    Why do they do it? Because, we buy it. Over and over. I will do it again and again. I am addicted to comics.

  6. Will a Hulk number 1 mean no more Red Hulk and Red She Hulk?? If so then I am in 😉

    Personally I get it. From Marvel’s point of view they figure if they start at #1 they will sell a bunch of issues to those who think it will be worth more money or that it is a good starting point. They hope to hook in some new fans that way. If you don’t get into comics right now. Then a new artist or writing team will not mean a thing. You won’t know anything about it. But go to a magazine shop and see that #1 they may pick it up and check it out as it is a begining and not a middle or end.

    To go with my first point. It also allows the writters to start fresh and not be held down by the stories of the past. Now this is a less creative direction to take I agree but instead of taking four or five issues to explain away and rid themselves of the Red Hulk they can just start over and poof he is gone.

    I can see how this would really anger the long time fans. At the same time it seems like a weight has been lifted. If the stories and art are great then does it matter?? I think yes. For the long time fans they want the story to always continue. But for new fans I think they would like to start fresh.

    Personally I have not been into the hulk comics as much since we found out Red Hulk was Ross. I don’t like this Hulk family thing that was going on. I am not even a fan of Skaar. Hulk should be alone. A family is just silly and does nothing for me. But I understand there are fans of all of this and that is fine.

    I guess there is nothing we can do as it is going to happen. But we can hope for the best.

  7. Ok so I have not been reading the comic part of the blog like I should because of my lack of intrest in the newer Hulk comics. So TIH has already rebooted huh?? But other story lines keep going. So this is not a complete reboot of the Hulk Universe. Well then I am with you. Don’t call it # 1 It’s not. It may be a new story but it is the same old Hulk. I am with you ratch. No more Number 1’s unless it’s a reboot

    I should mention that I don’t want a reboot. I thought that was were marvel was headed. Is that what DC did??

    But I don’t want them getting rid of all of the history that hulk has with a reboot. They could reboot the story from right after WWH. I really hate Red Hulk.

    I see you have somewhat enjoyed the last couple of issues so perhaps I will give it another go. I am not crazy about the art in some of the newer issues though.

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