Hulk will now be about… Red SHE-Hulk

The fact that Red was given his own title was bad enough – but now the focus will be switched to the Red She Hulk – a character that is even worse than Red himself.  Click on the link for more info.

7 responses to “Hulk will now be about… Red SHE-Hulk

  1. RSH is a B- character at best. But make no mistake Jeff Parker made The Thunderbolts a consistantly good read. Yes, I’m a fan, but the handle comes from my Flash obsession. Anyway, Parker can write the heck out of minor characters and keep the readers coming back with good stories. Hulk fans should give it a shot. 3 issues and you might change your mind.

  2. I really hope that Red Hulk himself dies or something, and that explains why Red She Hulk will be taking over… It’s a shame that Parker is getting stuck with this crap… He has to pick up the crap that Loeb left behind and turn it into something decent and readable… It’s a shame that he isn’t writing the actual Incredible Hulk book, or another better title, rather than getting stuck with this. From what Ratchet has been saying, it sounds like he is a great writer.

  3. Red She Hulk…What a struggled and lame name. I’d rather watch an LA Sparks game than purchase, nonetheless, care about anything RSH does,….just want her to die.

  4. Godzillaaaaaah!

    What’s really ironic is that this series sounds better than the Incredible Hulk series itself. You know you’ve got a bad writer when everyone except you gets your character’s motif right, and you’re still putzing around, writing about Russian cyborg bears IN SPACE.

  5. The Red Hulk book is the only thing I get from Marvel that I thoroughly enjoy right now. So that’s over I guess. The Incredible Hulk comic is a disgrace right now, that cartoon looks ridiculous. I feel like I barely know Hulk anymore. So sad. Not to sound like a typical comic reader, but this is my reward for decades of reading Hulk? I feel really sad about it because it seems like there is no indication of substantial improvement in the near future. I seriously just want them to reboot everything now. As in, render everythng I’ve ever read as “didn’t count” and let’s all start at the very beginning. I don’t care anymore. How much worse could it realistically get?

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