Sooo….. This isn’t looking any better

Ummm… from Comics alliance:

“The clip from Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. showcased how they plan  to distinguish the five ‘Hulks’ on the team. Hulk is Hulk; She-Hulk has  energy-projecting punches; A-Bomb is the team joker who can turn into a rolling  wrecking ball; Skaar has a sword; and Red Hulk has guns”

I used to get excited about new Hulk projects… *sigh*  Is there anyone out there who is actually looking forward to this?

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11 thoughts on “Sooo….. This isn’t looking any better

  1. I bet that Bruce Jones Hulk run is looking pretty good right now…

    Yes – that looks pretty horrible; but I don’t think you are the target audience. Hopefully it will create a new generation of Hulk fans in the same way the classic 80’s cartoon did for us…

    It is going to be terrible isn’t it?

  2. Look on the brightside.. it appears to be based off of McGuinness’ style of drawing the Hulk! I’m really only interested in the new TV show and possible new movies, right now…

  3. I can’t even begin to describe how hard I sighed after I read that… I can’t wait to see this crap get cancelled, I really can’t. I will never forgive Jeph Loeb for what he has done to Hulk… I hate him! All of this crap is his fault! Everything bad to have happened to Hulk in the past couple of years is HIS FAULT!

  4. Here’s the problem: WHEN this steaming pile of pony love gets canceled, the excuse given will be, “Huh. I guess the Hulk is just not popular with today’s audiences,” or “I guess the Hulk doesn’t translate well to animation/the small screen, etc.”

    1. Yeah, so when the $ from this cartoon doesn’t materialize, and sales go down, Loeb will probably get a promotion. You know, incompetence rises to its highest level.

  5. First of all, the name makes it sound like a bad 80’s cartoon. Secondly, what has the Hulk wanted most throughout time? To be left alone. Why is he with a team? Lastly, there are too many damn hulks anymore! All of them need to go. Just leave the Hulk and perhaps, maybe, She-Hulk. Anywho, this smacks of suck. Even though it’s probably just supposed to be for kids, (I still love the early 80’s Hulk ‘toon from my youth, even if it blew big time) I think it could be so much better.

  6. I think we’re jumping the gun here a bit, don’t you, Hulk fans? Why don’t we wait and see? Who knows, it might actually turn out to be a very good show. I mean, remember the pre-test footage of A:EMH & YJ? They weren’t too impressive either, but both shows turned out to be great! I want this to be a good show, but it looks like we’ll just have to wait until we see the first few episodes… or at least a trailer.

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