Finally – Some Good News!

With all the terrible news coming from Marvel concerning the Hulk we are finally given this great news!  Click on the pic above!

Published by ratchet

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5 thoughts on “Finally – Some Good News!

  1. YES! I am so glad that we’ve got some news on this! I guess this show will be the only escape for all of the horrible things to come for us Hulk fans….

  2. At this point, could it possibly be any good? Besides the films, what has come out of marvel lately?……… Exactly!

    1. Have you seen Hellboy 1 and 2? Pan’s Labyrinth? Guillermero Del Toro is a genius, and I think he is going to do Hulk a lot of justice.

  3. I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with your stance of the “comic Hulk” recently Ratchet. Its a giant mess. The Hercules renumbering, the Red Hulk and family in its entirety, & the mess made by current Marvel execs.
    I dont get it.
    How exactly do we get through to them?
    Hulk (green) is in the top 50 for comics regardless of content. These offshoots are strong at first and then drop off immediately afterwards. This is gradeschool math. Just have the Hulk (the real one…not this nonsense) consistently make top 20 comic money and be happy.

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