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Not at all Surprised…

This cover went up for sale a bit ago – and I think I am the only one who wasn’t surprised at all at the price it went for – it’s an amazing piece!  Click on the link to be astounded!

Avengers Hulk BobbleHead (2012)


Avengers Hulk Bobblehead

Let’s try and get things back on track here!  I have plenty of Hulky goodness to show off – and very little time to post it!  But this is a great piece that I think 465 mentioned a while back – and I’ve had for a bit of time now!  It’s another bobblehead – and I know what you’re going to ask, “Why do you need ANOTHER bobblehead?”  Well, in truth, you don’t.  But this is a pretty damn cool one.

Great look – worth the price!

Mainly because it doesn’t look like a bobblehead when sitting on the shelf.  It doesn’t have the elongated neck that most other bobbleheads seem to suffer from.  Not to mention  – the entire sculpt is pretty bad ass!  I am not so much a fan of the Avengers base:

Avengers Base

But I can live with that.  It’s not like you buy something to look at what it’s standing on!  The rest of the sculpt is pretty top notch with a great paint application to compliment it.  It is oversized – so it is a bit larger than any previous bobblehead – in fact, if they had made the head smaller this would have been a great mini-statue.

The last two bobbleheads I picked up