Avengers Hulk BobbleHead (2012)


Avengers Hulk Bobblehead

Let’s try and get things back on track here!  I have plenty of Hulky goodness to show off – and very little time to post it!  But this is a great piece that I think 465 mentioned a while back – and I’ve had for a bit of time now!  It’s another bobblehead – and I know what you’re going to ask, “Why do you need ANOTHER bobblehead?”  Well, in truth, you don’t.  But this is a pretty damn cool one.

Great look – worth the price!

Mainly because it doesn’t look like a bobblehead when sitting on the shelf.  It doesn’t have the elongated neck that most other bobbleheads seem to suffer from.  Not to mention  – the entire sculpt is pretty bad ass!  I am not so much a fan of the Avengers base:

Avengers Base

But I can live with that.  It’s not like you buy something to look at what it’s standing on!  The rest of the sculpt is pretty top notch with a great paint application to compliment it.  It is oversized – so it is a bit larger than any previous bobblehead – in fact, if they had made the head smaller this would have been a great mini-statue.

The last two bobbleheads I picked up

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5 thoughts on “Avengers Hulk BobbleHead (2012)

  1. I’m glad you posted this new bobble head, i’ve only seen it on the internet and the real thing usually looks nothing like the advertised version, gladly it does on this occassion because mines in the mail on it’s way as i type.
    Thanks for helping us Hulk lovers out !.

  2. Love this – picked one up in TN on vacation a few weeks ago. I will admit it, I am a bobblehead fan. I love them and especially love the Funko versions. Hmmm, I smell a blog topic coming up. Great stuff Ratch!

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