The Incredible Hulk #11 (2011) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #11 – Stay Angry Part 4 (Aaron has done a fantastic job at keeping the readers angry with his shitty writing)

I am still trying to enjoy Aaron’s Hulk… really I am – but it’s just not in the cards!  First, he gave us a heroin needle shooting gun – and now, in this issue, we get a bear trap bazooka.  I mean, comeon!  A freakin’ bear trap bazooka?  Kraven the Hunter belongs in a Hulk book the same way the Back Street Boys belongs in the Rock N Roll hall of fame.  It just doesn’t gel.

Kraven is there to help Banner so that Banner can help him – he wants Banner to have the Spider kill him… which makes total sense, if you think about it, because Banner and Parker have such a solid history, of course he will do anything he asks.  Make sure you have your sarcasm voice on full blast while reading that last line…

Anyways, as the rest of this storyline has gone so far, things don’t exactly go the Hulk’s way, he reverts back to Banner in the end (for a storyline called “Stay Angry” he’s not doing a great job of staying angry!) and then wakes up in a new predicament.  Shocker.  This gets a solid grade of: D-

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8 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk #11 (2011) – The Review

  1. Just SH-T On A Stick! Utter Crap! I get it that Hulk allows himself to be ‘tortured and captive’ by the likes of Kraven to figure out Banners plan, but, I can only see the Hulk, real Hulk, dragged through so many more lame story lines, and, terrible ‘art’. Just Terrible. Don’t mind that he has no hair, kind of a cool idea, but just drawn so poorly.

    Marvel has no Idea, nor cares, how to market to their core market in comic readership. Now I collect only Incredible Hulk, some Avengers vs. X-Men, and Thor (which both suck too).

    It’s just that I feel I am reading the same comic over and over, here with Incredible Hulk, for the past 11 months with crappy drawing and, embarrassingly, sloppy dialogue. The Incredible Hulk does not talk like that and I know children who and, if put energy to it, I can draw a lot better. Lame. F-

  2. Just read ‘The Infinity Gauntlet’ – now that’s a good comic! This is the first issue of Hulk I didn’t bother buying because it’s so bad. Shame!! Marvel’s movies are getting better and better but this comic has continued to go downhill, which is very sad.

  3. Yes, once again we have to put up with Jason Aaron’s garbage. At least it all comes to an end with issue #15… and it can’t come soon enough! Am I one of the only people who believe Matt Fraction would do better on this book? Speaking of which, it appears Jason Aaron is the next writer for Mighty Thor that relaunches on November 12. Despite the rivalry amongst Hulk & Thor fans, I actually pity them ’cause now Aaron is most likely going to ruin another Marvel heavy-hitter.

    Ah, well.

    At least we’ll be getting Mark Waid, who will hopefully give us some great work equal to that of Greg Pak or Peter Daivd’s best.

  4. Anybody else see Shrek hanging there in that fishing hook scenario? The world’s most powerful Engine of destruction SHOULD NEVER LOOK LIKE SHREK!!!!!!!

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