Keep Moving – Nothing to see here….

This is a ranting post… yes ANOTHER rant.  I found the MU 2-pack – Hulk and 1st appearance Wolverine – and while it looks awesome I was shocked at the price.  The 2-packs at Target are now $19.  Yup, almost $20 for two 3″ figures.  I remember when the first 2-packs were released I actually praised Marvel for pricing them at $12.99.  They are now almost $7 more… in less than 5 years.  How is that possible?  The MU figures are also being raised… to $11.  I am so bummed.  I picked up a few of the Secret Wars 2-packs because I was so impressed with the price – but you can be certain I won’t be picking up any extra two-packs at this price.  In fact, the whole market, figures, statues AND comics are getting to the point where I don’t feel it’s worth it to collect anymore.

I was at my LCS today and saw the new Hulk trade on the stands – for $40!  I mean, buying the single issues (which can be found in most $1 bins) wouldn’t cost $40!  This collects 16 issues of the Hulk by Mantlo – which is a fun read and I would have picked it up in a second… if it were $20.  I keep finding myself leaving more and more Hulk merch on the stands these days… and it’s depressing.

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12 thoughts on “Keep Moving – Nothing to see here….

  1. Things are just really tough for comic fans right now, it seems… Especially those who appreciate the underrated and misunderstood characters like Hulk. Greedy companies are really starting to take advantage of us, and it’s sickening….

  2. Those prices are why I won’t buy trades from the comic book store anymore. I use because they have all trades for 40% or more off and free shipping for orders over $50. That new Hulk trade you spoke of? It’s $23.99 there.

  3. That is an awesome shot of Hulk in action in Avengers..

    Not to belabor, but this Red hulk Sh.t Has to Stop!!! Seriously NOW! YA MARVEL NOW! You SUCK Marvel.. Your writers Suck, Your editors Blow, Your art is just Crap. Get Rid Of Red Hulk!…….I MEAN IT!

    If you had any decency, Marvel, you would have Cyclops DESTROY RED and the rest of your lame beings in A vs. X.

    That won’t happen, of course, coz Marvel LACKS imagination and integrity in their core heroes. No Doubt Marvel you have killed every sense of creativity and, most importantly, nurturing, of your core characters.

    Why does Quesada and F..K Faces like Loeb and McGuinness have carte blanche to destroy ever one of the characters I grew up reading about?! They are Morons. Idiots. Deserving of Ultimate Derision.

    1. I agree with you about Quesada and Loeb, because I hate both of them, but what is wrong with McGuinness? He is a great illustrator, and all he does is draw the comics, not write them. You can’t blame him for the crap Quesada and Loeb do.

      1. Agree – McG is a huge talent and a super nice guy. I would love to see him draw a real Hulk book!

      2. K. Just not liking his affiliation with red. McGuinness has a unique style…tho a bit cartoonish and the faces are very similar.

        Imagine Jim Lee, my favorite artist, on Hulk. (Going to purchase his entire run on Justice League.)

        Keown, McFarlane, and Medina had runs with Hulk that I really liked. Thinking that, as a writer, Pak had his hands tied with Quesada and Loeb and all their Hulks.

        .Just want Hulk to do some really strong smashing, lifting….some really awesome feats of strength. The coolest thing Hulk has done recently, in my view, was in the Avengers film where he smashed the alien ship with one punch.

        Why I am a fan of Hulk is that his power is derived from one thing, Strength, Wishing Hulk would be written and drawn as the best there is at what he does with his rage and strength. Hulk being the strongest there is has been turned to a bunch of hot air.

      3. Thank you Ratchet. And I especially thank you for creating a forum where fans of the Hulk can vent and praise a favorite character. We should all organize a coup of Marvel, coz a lot of people I read on this site have way better ideas than the ones actually writing and drawing Hulk. Always gonna collect Hulk stuff myself. Just cannot stand reading the garbage that Marvel is dishing out. I dunno, but I think the Hulk in Avengers EMH was the coolest balance of the Hulk’s personality. Now it is canceled…AND I am sure Loeb had some responsibility with that with his agents of smash crap. I did like the young avengers where the elder Hulk ripped Ultron in half.

  4. I disagree ratch. Marvel hasn’t outpriced themselves at all. Their comics aren’t worth 4.00, their merchandise just keeps climbing in price, and did you see the Hulkalo Sideshow statue?!? 650.00?!? Really?!?…Really?!? Oh wait…… maybe I don’t disagree…. I get confused sometimes….

    1. I will post it soon – I haven’t even taken a good look at them yet – but I think they are a different paint job…

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