First Look at Indestructible Hulk #1

Here is the cover to the new Hulk book – you know, because it’s been so long since they rebooted this book!  I remember… it was cool out.  Pumpkins were in season.  Oh, right – that was last October.

15 responses to “First Look at Indestructible Hulk #1

  1. At least it isn’t Aaron…. But this Marvel NOW stuff is worrying me… I’m afraid they are going to completely destroy their characters, and their credibility (as if they had much left.) as a company.

  2. I’m really not getting excited about this-I remember getting excited last year(just about this time)about Aaron’s /Silvestri’s run and we all know how that turned out-also what the hells going on with the HULK’S hair?Yu is making it look like Travolta’s in Saturday Night Fever(wtf)….gotta say it’s still better then Whilce Portacio’s sucky art!!!

  3. I am in. I can’t help it.

  4. This all sucks ….. again…… dumb haircut and can’t Hulk or Thor have fights against real villains like Juggernaut, Thanos or Doom? Marvel just keeps on Sucking.

  5. Its Waid who has been a tried and true writer for years unlike that hack Aaron who is just the latest flavor of the month. I especially like the fact he is getting way of the same 2 or 3 Hulk rogues who Hulk fights over and over again. There are other villains out there than Abomination and Leader. Not really crazy about the whole armor but if it worked wonders for Banners’s character during Paks run why can’t Hulk utilize a little tech.? Emphasis on the little part btw. Going to open minded with this newer take since I trust Waid unlike Aaaron based off his run on Ghost Rider.

  6. Wow. I forgot to read the article and it looks like Waid has some REALLY COOL IDEAS!. Frost Giants and Kang! ‘Nuff said. Dig the armor too. Cannot wait.

  7. This is great news! We’re finally going to be getting great Hulk stories. I have a feeling that Mark Waid will give us work equal to that of Greg Pak & Peter David’s best material. We get an experienced writer and a decent artist for once. And we get to see Banner being heroic and Hulk smashing! What more could a Hulk fan want?

  8. I have read enough Waid that I am more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt to be able to create good stories from whatever overall concept he is going to be stuck with for the Marvel NOW relaunch. I dig Yu’s artwork for the cover, I hope that is that style he uses for the interior as some of his stuff can be hit or miss.

  9. This worries me. The Hulk wearing armor is like a grizzly bear wearing a fur coat. It’s unnecessary. Also, what is with the endless reboots? What happened to continuity? I started reading Hulk in the late 70’s around issue 230 or so and you know what, I figured things out just fine and loved it. I didn’t need a ‘jumping on’ point. So what now, they think they need to reboot every year to get new fans? Wrong. Very, very wrong.

  10. Because if Superman in DC’s NEW 52 has to wear armor than The Hulk most also! Marvel will not be outdone in the armor dept. Stay tuned for the Indestructable Armored HULK guest staring Spider-Man and His Amazing Spider Armor. Marvel ARMOR NOW!

  11. I believe Mark Waid understands how powerful The Hulk is and how intelligent Bruce Banner is. And I further believe that he understands how heroic both Banner & Hulk can be when they put aside their animosity for one another and decide to unite in order to be a formidable force in the Marvel Universe.

    And is anyone else excited that Mark Waid and Jeff Parker may be planning a massive event involving the Hulks? It’s certainly got me very intrigued on what’s going to happen in the near future. Not to mention Hulk meeting Daredevil. It’s been a long time since they’ve crossed paths, hasn’t it?

    The few villains mentioned have definitely caught my attention, as well as some of the few locations that we’ll see Hulk & Banner trek through on their adventures. Jotunheim (Frost Giants), The Negative Zone (Annihilus and other monstrous creatures), Lemuria (Deviants and Eternals).

    As for the villains, we get Attuma, who was impressive in Fear Itself: The Deep. And he’s as formidable as Namor and has a barbarian army. Kang The Conquerer is always great, because he’s so dangerous and possesses tech that is beyond anything on Earth. Psycho-Man, who is usualy an FF villain, could be very interesting. And, of course, there’s the very large and powerful Frost Giants.

    And you know what’s cool? These are just a few that Mark Waid mentioned! Who knows what foes Hulk will get to smash! I haven’t been so excited since Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, Skaar: Son of Hulk and Fall of the Hulks/World War Hulks! This is just some really great stuff coming our way! November can’t come soon enough!

    And I believe the armor isn’t protection for the Hulk, but rather it’s for other abilites such as booster rocket flight and assorted Banner tech. It might be even used to channel Hulk’s World-Breaker gamma energies into powerful planet-splitting blasts that would intimidate powerhouses like Thanos. Plus, the little flying robot is a nice touch to the little robot from Bill Mantlo’s run and the recorder-bot from Peter David’s Hulk: The End.

    And not to mention the fact that we’re getting Maria Hill and SHIELD are involved!!! This is gonna be fun! And I am glad that we’re getting the heroic, selfless Bruce Banner back, ’cause I despise Jason Aaron’s lunatic Banner!

    This statement alone made me satisfied that Mark Waid will portray Hulk as an unstoppable, indestructible force.

    Waid: Again, there are story reasons for the new look. I mean, it’s not like anyone looked at Hulk, the strongest and toughest character on Earth, and said, “Y’know what he needs? He needs armor. Maybe a Nehru collar.” Trust me, we’re smarter than that.

    LOL!!! XD

    I love it!

  12. I dont mind another reboot at all. I’d love to just wash my hands of of the current run and try and forget it ever existed.

  13. Here we go again-SIX variant covers!!!!-sad part is I’ll get’em all 😦

  14. MARVEL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whew. haven’t posted in almost 2 months yet I’m still typing the same thing. I’m curious about Waid’s run, he is a good writer as long as Joe Q keeps his nose out.

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