Marvel Universe Hulk (2012)

2012 MU Green Hulk

Let me being this post with an apology – I know I have been neglecting this site as of late.  I can’t promise it won’t happen again – but as of right now I am back!  I will be posting figures all week this week – and catching up with reviews next week!  I am sorry for the delay but I sort of stretched myself thin with responsibilities this summer and am just getting back to normal right about now. So, if you are a follower of this site – you will be seeing a much more rigorous posting pace!  I have some fantastic stuff – new releases – to show off!  Let’s get started!

The new Hulks just released – I like the lighter color better

I have some good news regarding the new MU Hulk figure – it is a different paint scheme than the figure we get in the Hulk/Wolvie 2-pack (which I will be posting tomorrow).  Unfortunately, it IS the same exact figure that was released in the Wal-Mart Avengers 4 pack.  I was sort of let down – but the new MU card art is pretty spectacular – so my disappointment was short-lived.  I do like the sculpt better too – but let’s talk about the card for a minute.

I knew this figure looked a little TOO familiar

The biggest change is that the little SHIELD logo on the side of the bubble has been replaced with a comic cover.  In fact, instead of the bubble boasting about a figure stand (which is no longer included – but that’s fine as I found them silly anyways) it says that a “Collectible Comic Shot” is included.  So, they did away with the little “Secret Files” pack as well – which I sort of liked.  Since I have not picked up a second figure I don’t know if the comic shot is anything but a little piece of cardboard.  Also – the side package has little “cracks” on the bubble.  Little details like this make me smile.

Marvel is adding little details to the packaging

The reason I have not picked up an extra to open – and probably the only real thing that bothers me about this wave – is because Marvel has once again raised the prices on these figures.  They are $9.99 in some shops – but most have them priced at $11.00.  Most comic shops that carry figures are forced to raise them to $15 – which is outrageous!  They are quickly pricing themselves out of the range that I find myself willing to pay for these figures anymore.  Luckily, I don’t buy that many.  I do know quite a few completest’s that are really upset about the hike in cost!

Comparison with the first released Hulk

Overall – this Hulk figure is a better looking, more articulated with better paint apps than the first release Hulk.  It is quite similar to the MU WWH we have – but a slightly different head sculpt and purple pants makes this figure one to seek out!  Grade for the figure: A- Grade with Price factored in: D

This Hulk may be the best one yet!


One response to “Marvel Universe Hulk (2012)

  1. I LOVE the packaging art on this one! A friend of mine beat me to the original art from this or I would have it. That art was penciled and inked by Ed. Great stuff!

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