Marvel Universe Hulk vs Wolverine (2012)

Hulk vs Wolverine 2-Pack

The new Hulk sculpt has seen many, many releases already.  The first to hit the shelves was Wal-Mart’s exclusive.  People were speculating if the single carded figure was going to be different – but as I showed yesterday – it was not.  Well, thankfully, Hasbro did not make that mistake twice.  The Hulk in the new 2-pack is a lighter, and better, shade of green.  That is fantastic since this is one of the better Hulk figures made.

I like how they are placed right in front of their images on the cover!

The other very distinct difference is that they gave this repaint eyebrows.  I think it makes the Hulk look even better – angrier.  I think the changes are made to better match the Hulk in the comic provided – the often re-printed Incredible Hulk #181.

1st Appearance Wolverine!

The Wolverine figure, as the other half in this 2-pack, is pretty much the same kitten whiskered, bright yellow Wolvie figure that was single packed in Wave 13.  There are not any significant changes that I can see.  That’s alright though – because, packaged, this figure makes way more sense!  The single carded figure is fine – but since this is the ONLY time Wolverine had this costume – it only makes sense to have him packed with a character that will actually sell!

The better painted Hulk!

Let’s turn the tables here for a second – let’s stop with the love fest and talk about price point again.  I know, I covered this yesterday – but these 2-packs went from $15 to $19 in one jump!  $19?  That’s a whole crap load of mu-lah to be handing over for two freakin’ 3 inch figures!  Not to mention, when these first hit the shelves I think they were somewhere in the $12-$13 range!  How in the hell did the leap to $20 happen so fast?

But listen, if you want to pay $20 for a couple of figures, no one’s going to stop you… well, no one stopped me.  It’s just upsetting that Hasbro has increased the prices on these little guys so fast.  I would usually buy a double to open – but at this point I don’t ever see that happening again!


That being said – the 2-pack is phenomenal!  An absolute must have for Hulk fans!  Pick it up now!  If you don’t mind being financially raped… Grade: A+ 

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