Tiny Avenger’s Hulk Figure (2012)

Little Avengers Hulk

There really is nothing to say other than that this figure is small.  There is no articulation, not a great paint job and there is no real scale difference compared with the other figures… are you sold on it yet?!??!  Well here’s the thing – it’s about a buck.  So yeah – you can pick this up for just one dollar and have a little Hulk figure.  Actually, I have to thank my friend Ted for this little guy – he found one and gave it to me.

A Little Closer… Still not impressive

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14 thoughts on “Tiny Avenger’s Hulk Figure (2012)

  1. Cool little figures. For a buck, I snap these up whenever I see them. I even broke my own rule of opening everything up and kept an extra one of these in package.


      1. …I think that even $125 is a little overpriced. $100 would be my limit for that. .-. But then again I have no job or anything.

      2. So are ya gonna get the Hot toys Hulk fig or the Hulk/Avengers maquette? I already pre-order mine and they will be my last big purchase for fig or satute ever……..unless it’s HT Hulk movie 03 fig or HI TIH movie 08 fig.

      3. I don’t think the price will drop… I have no idea though because I’ve never looked to see how hot toys do on the secondary market. But I am certainly passing on the maquette. $650 for an open edition statue? No thanks.

  2. Ill take the Hot Toys figure any day of the week of the sideshow. Damn costs twice as much as the original figure the released at size back in 06. At least with Hot Toys they are like Mego’s on roids and this one has that skin to hide some of the joints.

  3. I think both the Hot Toys Hulk action figure and the movie based maquette are over priced by a good bit, especially the HT piece as you can get a full size statue for that price. I won’t be picking up the figure unless it drops DRAMATICALLY on the secondary market. I am also not ordering the movie maquette. As Ratch said, the price is too high for an ES. I can see these coming down a good bit on the secondary market – once it does I will decide if it gets low enough to pick one up. I actually like both pieces but can’t justify the prices.


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