Mark Dos Santos Commission (2012)

Banner and his other selves!

Back at the Boston Comic Con I was searching out an artist for a special idea.  This idea was so cool I knew that I needed to find the right artist – one that had the perfect combination of talent, pricing and enthusiasm!  Some artists, you can tell, just want to get something done – they draw for the money.  Not that that is bad, mind you, like most other jobs – I am sure drawing can get tedious if you are expected to do it all day.  Sometimes, though, you come across an artist who is genuinely excited about the idea you have!  Mark Dos Santos was that artist.  I presented the idea of re-creating Amazing Spiderman #258 but with the Hulk instead.  He knocked it out of the park – as you can see!

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4 thoughts on “Mark Dos Santos Commission (2012)

  1. I love this concept Ratch, great idea! Sometimes you get a really good idea and you don’t want to throw it out there to just anyone. In my commission experience, sometimes I will hold an idea for a good bit before I find the artist that feels right for the project. Sometimes it is based on their previous works, strengths, or like you said, their enthusiasm for a particular idea. This commission is the obvious marriage of a great idea and artist. Well done and congrats!

  2. Excellent, Grey Hulk fighting over Banner with.. um… grey-er Hulk? Shouldn’t one of them be green?

    Great piece of art, does mr Dos Santos do comics? It’s a shame if he doesn’t, he certainly has the skill for it.

    1. It’s in black and white you weirdo! One of them is supposed to BE the green Hulk!

      He has done some stuff – but not much

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