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Hulk Lamp (2011)

Hulk Lamp

I must say – I hardly get Hulk presents from my family – mainly because I have so much already.  Everytime they find something – I already have it!  So I was pretty surprised and excited to get this from my mother and sister.  Apparently they have this little store down in Florida near my parents house and they got a whole load of new Hulk merchandise in.

One side of the shade!

My sister was the one who knew I did not have a Hulk lamp.  That’s sort of impressive.  See, I live in this little bubble where I am pretty much the only Hulk fan I know.  It’s sometimes pretty lonely thinking about this collection I have collected and no one around to enjoy it.  I have a few friends who like to look at it – but the moment I begin gushing about what I have… well, let’s just say there is a blank stare I am pretty familiar with.

The other side

That’s what was so amazing about creating this website – I suddenly had a lot of people to talk about the Hulk with – a lot of people who shared in the same interests and liked to hear what I had to say!  This website has helped me enjoy my collection more than I think I ever could have just on my own.  One of the best things about having a collection like mine is being able to show it off! Anyways, I let myself get sidetracked too often.  I would like to thank my sister and mother for taking the time to pick this up – and I would like to thank all of you for reading my blog.  Even though I don’t post as often as I did – it’s nice to see so many people keep coming back to see what else I have found.  Thanks.

The Hulk underneath