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This Just In… Deadpool Still Sucks

Deadpool Kills Off the Marvel Universe… really?

I was just curious how Deadpool was actually going to kill the Hulk.  Unfortunately, not only did it suck – it was also ripped off.  The original “(Fill in the Hero) Kills the Marvel Universe” was The Punisher Kills Off the Marvel Universe and in the story Frank Castle kills the Hulk the only way he can… he waits for the Hulk to revert back into Banner and then shoots him.

Oh Gee… he kills Banner… how original

Sure enough – Deadpool does the same thing – although the Hulk ripped him apart first – and DP got… better.  I freakin’ hate when characters can just heal from being ripped apart – seems like really lazy writing.  Anyways, skip this mini-series because this character is terrible and it’s creator is a douche.

The Incredible Hulk #12 (2012) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #12

The fundamental issue with Aaron’s run is that he doesn’t seem to understand what makes the Hulk so great – that and he obviously isn’t up to speed on Hulk history.  If he were, up on the history, he would know how foolish the ending of issue #12 sounds.  But let’s not get to that yet – how is the rest of the issue, you might ask, if you’ve never read any of my other reviews before.  Surprisingly though, this issue had a few cool moments – but mostly felt to be struggling to  shock the reader.

Battle Royal!

Now, the Wolverine vs Hulk match up has been a favorite since it’s very inception in TIH #181.  This two-some solidified it’s popularity thanks to Todd McFarlane’s TIH #340, where he has, arguably, drawn one of the most vicious and bloody battles between the two.  That was the grey Hulk though – this is the green.  Wolvie can’t take the green Hulk on any level.  Either can the Thing for that matter – a battle that Hulk has faced numerous times as well.  At least the Thing can take a punch from the emerald beast!  But maybe the two together can take Hulk down?  That’s the premise of Aaron’s new issue.

Those claws don’t seem like a good idea anymore – do they Wolvie?

The only problem, and I see it as a glaring one, is that the Thing has taken on the Hulk usually with his mutated cohorts in the Fantastic Four – most of whom are stronger and could easily beat Wolverine in a battle.  Yes, even Reed.  So how does the government think sending these two in to take the Hulk down will work?  Obviously the wrong people are making the tough decisions…

I can’t say the issue is a total waste, as I said before, there are some fun moments, like the Hulk ripping of part of Thing’s face and taking Wolvie’s claws and making him give himself a lobotomy.  Pretty great stuff!  But overall the issue was lacking – mainly because the Hulk told the two “heroes” about the little robotic thing injecting him in the back – and they did nothing to stop it.  Most of the time, when fighting the Hulk, they try to find a way to calm him down – not just keep attacking, which only makes him angrier.  You’d think Grimm and Logan could do a simple thing like crush the thing that was sticking the Hulk in the back.  I don’t think I even need to mention – the Hulk getting stuck with a needle?  How did the Hulk’s skin become to easily penetrable?

Hulk tears off Things face… granted – that was pretty awesome.

My biggest issue with this… issue is the end.  Bruce Banner says he has “finally” found a cure for the Hulk.  After all these years – he’s finally found a cure.  Did Aaron not read the Hulk at all?  He’s been cured so many times now – not to mention – he was cured not even 2 years ago!  Did he not read the Red Hulk series where Bruce was no longer the Hulk?  I mean, I know I wish I could forget it – but still… it was two freakin’ years ago!  But even before that Bruce had been cured of the Hulk so many times it was becoming laughable that he still thought of the Hulk as a curse!

So you have Banner acting like a nut – creating more monsters on an island – the Hulk “killing” Banner at the heart of a gamma bomb, and now Banner (who never  died – even for an issue) collecting all this mystical stuff to create a “cure”.  Let’s forget that science created the Hulk – not magic – so science should be able to cure him too.  Whatever – Aaron is an idiot when it comes to the Hulk.  Dude can’t write a simple story without shooting himself in the foot. Grade: F