The Incredible Hulk #12 (2012) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #12

The fundamental issue with Aaron’s run is that he doesn’t seem to understand what makes the Hulk so great – that and he obviously isn’t up to speed on Hulk history.  If he were, up on the history, he would know how foolish the ending of issue #12 sounds.  But let’s not get to that yet – how is the rest of the issue, you might ask, if you’ve never read any of my other reviews before.  Surprisingly though, this issue had a few cool moments – but mostly felt to be struggling to  shock the reader.

Battle Royal!

Now, the Wolverine vs Hulk match up has been a favorite since it’s very inception in TIH #181.  This two-some solidified it’s popularity thanks to Todd McFarlane’s TIH #340, where he has, arguably, drawn one of the most vicious and bloody battles between the two.  That was the grey Hulk though – this is the green.  Wolvie can’t take the green Hulk on any level.  Either can the Thing for that matter – a battle that Hulk has faced numerous times as well.  At least the Thing can take a punch from the emerald beast!  But maybe the two together can take Hulk down?  That’s the premise of Aaron’s new issue.

Those claws don’t seem like a good idea anymore – do they Wolvie?

The only problem, and I see it as a glaring one, is that the Thing has taken on the Hulk usually with his mutated cohorts in the Fantastic Four – most of whom are stronger and could easily beat Wolverine in a battle.  Yes, even Reed.  So how does the government think sending these two in to take the Hulk down will work?  Obviously the wrong people are making the tough decisions…

I can’t say the issue is a total waste, as I said before, there are some fun moments, like the Hulk ripping of part of Thing’s face and taking Wolvie’s claws and making him give himself a lobotomy.  Pretty great stuff!  But overall the issue was lacking – mainly because the Hulk told the two “heroes” about the little robotic thing injecting him in the back – and they did nothing to stop it.  Most of the time, when fighting the Hulk, they try to find a way to calm him down – not just keep attacking, which only makes him angrier.  You’d think Grimm and Logan could do a simple thing like crush the thing that was sticking the Hulk in the back.  I don’t think I even need to mention – the Hulk getting stuck with a needle?  How did the Hulk’s skin become to easily penetrable?

Hulk tears off Things face… granted – that was pretty awesome.

My biggest issue with this… issue is the end.  Bruce Banner says he has “finally” found a cure for the Hulk.  After all these years – he’s finally found a cure.  Did Aaron not read the Hulk at all?  He’s been cured so many times now – not to mention – he was cured not even 2 years ago!  Did he not read the Red Hulk series where Bruce was no longer the Hulk?  I mean, I know I wish I could forget it – but still… it was two freakin’ years ago!  But even before that Bruce had been cured of the Hulk so many times it was becoming laughable that he still thought of the Hulk as a curse!

So you have Banner acting like a nut – creating more monsters on an island – the Hulk “killing” Banner at the heart of a gamma bomb, and now Banner (who never  died – even for an issue) collecting all this mystical stuff to create a “cure”.  Let’s forget that science created the Hulk – not magic – so science should be able to cure him too.  Whatever – Aaron is an idiot when it comes to the Hulk.  Dude can’t write a simple story without shooting himself in the foot. Grade: F

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13 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk #12 (2012) – The Review

  1. I’m sorry but until proven otherwise Hulk books will never be great again, marvel will never be great again,and Hulk in media (was disappointed at Avengers’ Hulk) will never be great. I don’t like being the downer on this blog but it’s just so upsetting that marvel’s greatest character has been treated with injustice for a long time now and marvel just keeps getting worse. In my opinion Hulk’s last great issue was #611, and has gone downhill since. I think Mark Waid’s will be, at MOST, a decent run. It will not be a GREAT run. Now granted I can’t predict the future but seriously, look at how marvel has been the past few years. Some blame disney for this but I don’t because disney is only involved in films, not the comics. To me Hulk hasn’t been great in movies either. now I know i’m in the minority in this but I was disappointed at the Hulk in the Avengers film. Yes he had some funny moments but he still didn’t speak (“puny god” oh yea Hulk spoke one line! at least he spoke a little more in the other films). And had little to no personality. Not to mention he was ugly. But anyway, this blog is for this Hulk book not the avengers film. Don’t want to get on the nerves of the fans who loved that Hulk. Anyway, Jason Aaron will be leaving soon and then we have Mark Waid and THAT STUPID ARMOR HULK!!!!!!! I’ll just leave this with apologies to Ratchet and everyone else for this long and negative post. I just want Hulk great again but I sincerely doubt that will be happening anytime soon.

    1. No need to apologize – your opinion is yours and you are certainly entitles to it! I too am hoping Waid’s run will be worth reading!

  2. If anyone is to blame for Pak’s later stories, it would be Marvel. They rushed his work and basically pushed him away before he could perfect his later stories following the masterpiece that is Incredible Hulk #611. Still, even Pak’s later works are better than anything Jason Aaron has given us. It’s quite obvious that he doesn’t know how to write the Hulk/Bruce Banner, let alone understand the character in the same vein as Greg Pak & Peter David did.

    But I think you’re being a bit harsh on Mark Waid. He’s an experienced writer and I think he’ll give us some great stories. And I think you’re being equally harsh regarding the armor, which looks pretty cool. I mean, Hulk in armor is cool. Planet Hulk is proof of that.

    I think you’re thinking that the Hulk has armor for protection. I’m don’t see it that way at all. It could be designed for many purposes (Bannertech, anyone?): shielding, flight, taking samples, energy absorption and redirection of said energy (be it Hulk’s World-Breaker energies or that of some extremely powerful enemy), teleportation, etc. I don’t think its for protection because as Mark Waid stated, “Hulk is the strongest, most powerful being on Earth”, so why would he need armor for protection?

    I’m going in optimistic. Why? Because I have faith in Mark Waid. His Daredevil series is excellent. Anyways, would any of you like to know my list of potential beings I would like to see Hulk interact with and/or smash?

    1. Tyrant (Depowered)

    2. Mangog

    3. Thanos

    4. Typhon

    5. Surtur

    6. Galactus & his Heralds

    7. Mephisto

    8. Celestials

    9. Nightmare

    10. Ego the Living Planet

    11. Maestro Hulk

    12. Galaxy Master

    13. Legion of Monsters

    14. Elder Gods/Sky-Fathers

    15. Zom

    16. Scarlet Witch & Thor (together)

    17. Ymir

    18. Ulik

    19. Current Dark Avengers

    20. Lord Armageddon and the Troyjan Empire

    21. Umar

    22. Dormammu

    23. Eternals & Deviants

    24. High Evolutionary

    25. Colossonaut

    26. Alfyse and the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim

    27. Guardians of the Galaxy

    28. Hiro-Kala

    29. Fire Demons of Muspelheim

    30. Beta-Ray Bill

    31. Onslaught

    32. Zzzax

    33. Asgardian Destroyer

    34. Satana

    35. Monica Rapuccini & A.I.M.

    36. Apocalypse

    37. Morgana Le Fey

    38. Hyperion

    39. Baron Zemo

    40. Carnage

    41. Desak

    42. Phalanx

    43. Pluto

    44. Hela

    45. Seth

    46. Shuma-Gorath

    47. Vulcan

    48. Midgard Serpent

    49. Annihilus and his armies

    50. Blastaar and his armies

    1. Waid said he’d be staying away from his villains and have Hulk fight villains he hasn’t faced before. So no Zzzax . And he also won’t be fighting heroes for now, since Banner and Hulk will be working for SHEILD and acting more heroically

  3. Now let’s talk about Hulk’s sudden appearance in the last two issues of Avengers Vs. X-Men. I wish to talk about this due to the fact that Mark Waid’s Indestructible Hulk series takes place a few weeks after the events of AvX. Firstly, why is the Hulk showing up now in the last two issues of this event?

    I mean, the Hulk wasn’t involved in the first ten issues or tie-ins of this event, so why is he involved in the last two issues? Why all of a sudden does he show up now? The only time Hulk gets involved is usually as the last, most powerful, devastating weapon.It could be because he’s going to play a role of some kind against the Phoenix Force.

    It could it be similar to that of the Onslaught conflict. The Hulk was the only one who could best Onslaught, so could it be possible that he’s the only being other than Hope and the Scarlet Witch that can engage the Phoenix Force directly? Wouldn’t it be interesting if gamma energy is the source? Gamma energy has been known to destroy as well as create matter. Why not? In a scientific viewpoint, it might be actually something to look into. Be at mind, I’m still just looking at this hypothetically.

    What if it is gamma energy that causes harm to the Phoenix Force? Could that be the reason why Wanda’s attacks hurt the Phoenix Five? Could it be that gamma energy, the most destructive known energy in the universe, cancels out the Phoenix Force’s cosmic energies (think about the finale of the Mayan Saga in Hulk, for example, when the two energies seemed to cancel each other out and result in one of the Mayan entities to perish)?

    Could this be one of the the reasons Mark Waid’s series is titled “Indestructible Hulk”?

    Bottom line. If Hulk does strike a definitive blow against the Phoenix Force, I’m going to celebrate. In fact, I think we all should. I mean, the last Marvel Event that Hulk actually played a great role in was Onslaught & World War Hulk. His role in Fear Itself wasn’t really that important. And need I remind you all that it was Mark Waid who was responsible for writing when Hulk shattered and defeated Onsalught, whose power and raw strength was stated to be Celestial level.

    This has nothing to due with feats. This is about Hulk getting some spotlight. And if he proves to be a formidable force in the Marvel Universe, are we really going to complain about it? I know I’m not. I’m going to sit back, read and enjoy whatever may come for the Green Goliath.

  4. Wow, I feel like crap now. I haven’t been reading AvX because I think it’s downright idiotic, so I had no idea Hulk showed up. Believe me, I want to be optimistic and I want Waid’s run to be good. I wasn’t knocking Waid. I love his books and I think he’s a talented writer. But marvel won’t give him total control, he can only write what they tell him to write. And I still don’t like the armor. Don’t expect much from the Hulk in AvX, Thor is getting his butt kicked and he’s just as strong as the Hulk. The phoenix force won’t be overpowered, just defeated by some other means. Man I hate being negative, but I was having high expectations and thinking Hulk stories and movies will be great only to be disappointed again and again. I hope, big time hope, that I’m wrong about Waid’s run and Hulk in AvX. I’ll just wait and see.

    1. Wrong again, Waid does have total control of the book, everything he’s writing is what he wants to write, get your facts straight

      Waid has been given full athority to do what he wants with Hulk, so it will be great. And Hulk had armor on Sakaar, so i’m sure there will be a good reason he’s wearing one now too.

  5. Thank goodness Waid is taking over the book in 2 months. I do wonder how they’ll redeem Banner from what he has done in this book though. They could just ignore it of course

  6. They more or less did that with Bruce Jones run, so here’s hoping. And dude please, I’m not wanting to argue but I don’t believe writers have control over their books. Look at what marvel did to J. Michael Straczynski on Thor. Thor was selling out and getting second and third printings left and right, marvel stuck their noses in it, J Mich left and now Thor’s book sucks and sales drastically dropped. This is just my opinion based on what I’ve seen. I know I don’t know everything and won’t pretend i do. I TRULY want Waid’s Hulk to be an amazing run, and maybe it will. But seeing what marvel has been doing these past few years………I won’t stop collecting Hulk, it’s the only thing in single comics I collect, the only title I care about really. Mark Waid: PLEASE HAVE AN AMAZING RUN!!!!!

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