This Just In… Deadpool Still Sucks

Deadpool Kills Off the Marvel Universe… really?

I was just curious how Deadpool was actually going to kill the Hulk.  Unfortunately, not only did it suck – it was also ripped off.  The original “(Fill in the Hero) Kills the Marvel Universe” was The Punisher Kills Off the Marvel Universe and in the story Frank Castle kills the Hulk the only way he can… he waits for the Hulk to revert back into Banner and then shoots him.

Oh Gee… he kills Banner… how original

Sure enough – Deadpool does the same thing – although the Hulk ripped him apart first – and DP got… better.  I freakin’ hate when characters can just heal from being ripped apart – seems like really lazy writing.  Anyways, skip this mini-series because this character is terrible and it’s creator is a douche.

One response to “This Just In… Deadpool Still Sucks

  1. Deadpool is the lamest marvel character ever he shouldn’t evon be on TV he’s a descrace to TV and the world

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