The Incredible Hulk #13 (2012) – The Review

Incredible Hulk #13

Alright… Stay Angry ends where the Hulk failed to stay angry in EVERY issue – and United begins.  Stay Angry ends with one of the worst endings I could have imagined – and United begins even worse – if that’s possible.  And it is.  Here’s a time line:

  • Hulk goes to Doom and asks him to separate his other personality
  • Doom does it
  • Banner goes nuts
  • Banner dies.  But doesn’t
  • Banner collect mystical items to kill the Hulk who was born from science (huh?)
  • Instead of using the “cure” he wants to team up and take down the real enemy… Doom

Wait – what?  How did Doom become the enemy?  What did Doom do other than do exactly what the Hulk asked… and of course get something out of the deal… because this is Doom we are talking about.  Doom is a lot of things but trustworthy is not one of them – and Hulk knew that!  But he’s the bad guy now?  How does that make sense?

Clever Aaron… or at least it was clever back in 1992 when John Cutter said it…

Let’s talk about the back story in this issue – Banner uses his connections in Vegas and wins a hefty bankroll.  Then again… Banner has no connections in Vegas.  Fixit does – and not great ones at that – but did everyone completely forget that Fixit was a 8 ft., grey behemoth?  Not a 6 ft, scrawny white guy?  It’s like someone’s daring Aaron to write as many plot holes as he can into every issue!

What a fantastically awkward looking suit.

People have said that Aaron is leading somewhere – and they said the same thing about Loeb.  Loeb told his followers that everything happened for a reason and that there will be a big payoff in the end… and then he wrote more crap and people figured out that Loeb was full of – well, his own writing.  I have a feeling that Aaron fans are going to be led down the same road.    Amazingly, you can’t blame Marvel for dropping Aaron so quickly – his readers dropped by 50% from issue 2 to 3 and keeps trickling down.  At least, for once, it seems that comic readers are not blindly following creators when they are writing a character they have no business writing. Grade: D

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7 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk #13 (2012) – The Review

  1. I have to say, I was finding the Stay Angry storyline strangly captivating. Not great but I had to keep reading just to see what happened next. I was even coming up with reasoning for things. Like how Banner got back into Hulk’s body. Maybe Hulk’s lobotomise brain grew back, which is associated with Banner thusly allowing him to come back (long shot I know but it made sense in my head). I was kinda enjoying Banner being the mad scientist hell bent on destroying Hulk.

    Then this issue comes along and discards everything with this issue. Talk about 180 turn on Banner’s part!!! What in the blue hell?!

  2. I’ve given up on the title, but I still buy them out of habit! I kinda liked issue 1 with the barbarian hulk, but this stay angry lark has been badly written, badly drawn, oh and completely uninteresting!

    I’ve been reading back issues for the last year (the hulk visionaries vols 1 – 6). Marvel, please let the next re-boot actually be a real Hulk book!

    1. This seems to be the story EVERYWHERE! It’s amazing – with issue #6, I think, which I gave a scathing review, I had people defending Aaron like crazy… now… not so much. I think they either realized I have been right and stopped defending – or they just stopped reading all together.

  3. You know what Ryan, I have actually cancelled the hulk comic for the first time in my life. I stuck by that Loeb crap but I can’t do this anymore. I will check it out when it is rebooted yet again but I’m not holding my breath for it to improve. I have hated what they have done to the hulk for what, 6 years now??!! Pathetic.

  4. The Hulk’s feet in that last panel you posted made me think of Rob Liefeld. I can’t wait to see what you thought of #14, I read it yesterday and I think it might be the worst one of the series yet! It’s as if he’s trying to make it a comedy book with all the crappy dialog he writes, only that’s it’s not funny… AT ALL.

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