Westland Giftware Hulk Mug (2012)

My Kitty would not leave – so you get a shot of him too

Yes, there is still more Westland Giftware.  This has to be my favorite mug in the collection – not only do I love the shape of the mug – but can you even think of a better image to use on a Hulk mug?  Holy Hell, I love this thing!  Most of the images being used are from TIH #206 – but this is the classic image from merchandise from the late 70’s early 80’s.  Discussing it with another Gamma bro, I don’t think this was ever in the comics – but if it was please let me know where this image originated from!  I have used this thing already – and I have to tell you – Milk looks more delicious in this mug!  I don’t know how it’s possible – but it does!  Tap water tastes like Perrier!  I don’t have any physical proof – but I think it turned water into wine one time.  Either that or I forgot to wash it between uses.

Back of Mug

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3 thoughts on “Westland Giftware Hulk Mug (2012)

  1. That image looks like the one that appeared on the upper left corner (right under the price) of nearly every Hulk issue nurmbered in the 200’s, except with a redrawn face.

  2. It is the corner box image indeed. One of my favorite images from the bronze era. The corner box was drawn by Sal for the corner box. It was also very widely used for marketing materials, but it was changed by adding a John Romita face to the Sal body. I am actually working on a post that will be on my blog in a few weeks on this image. If you check my blog, you will see a combination of both images –the marketing art incorporated as a corner box image on the upper left corner of my site. I also have this mug – it is awesome!!!!


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